Special Needs / Healing / Natural Remedies

Special needs / healing / natural remedies

Some individuals have been victim of an accident, a long term affliction, or debilitating disease. Many individuals have fallen prey to the gravely harmful ideology that modern medicine has a truly restorative nature!    

Because any individual has a educational degree or certification does not qualify or equate to they know any good information at all.
Even Einstein said,”my education limited my learning!”

An observation of my own is, why do “we go to a Doctor for a cure,” when “the Doctor cannot explain exactly how to have prevented many or even most conditions.” If the Doctor “doesn’t know how to prevent something,” he surely “does not know enough to heal it!” So “who’s stupid?”

Remember disease is “dis-ease” or “unrest” at the cellular level!” Imbalance, usually that has  been continued to varied length of time, causing the unbalance to progress to a deep level!
Many, even most diseases, are the result of a missing nutrient, or group of nutrients, causing “lack of performance” of a “given process” causing the specific problems!
Many disease or health problems come from lack of specific nutrients during pregnancy, like spina-bifida which is caused by a lack of “folic acid!”

Due to the fact that our bodies replace “every cell” every sixteen plus months “we have the capabilities to create awesome changes” in our so called make up, condition, or performance, if we desire to truly do so.
“Natural remedies” or “natural healing” is simply using the “natural foods” containing specific nutrients and having a “working knowledge” of how to apply these nutrients in proper sequences!

NOTE: this is just one method: In the “physical part of healing” is process’s like using electric stimulation for “increased circulation” which can “move out inflammation” while “increasing blood flow” which brings nutrients and oxygen to the stimulated areas thereby “increasing healing and or restoration!”

The methodologies will be open for “considerations and consulting” for possibilities of “out of the box ideas, and differing applications!” Our programs have had “tremendous results” when open minds “are willing” to do “what the body process’s dictate!”


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