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Our own “proprietary systems,”……(the secret to our decades of un-equaled results)

 Exercise and Training – Every Program from Rehabilitation to Extreme or Professional Sports Performance is individually designed!  We “engineer” these programs, using more facts, with more comprehensive applications, our clients actually spend less time training, and “measure more results!”

Yes, “our proprietary systems” through using less total amounts, yet more comprehensive exercise, allows for greater and faster recovery! Using this “type of totally inclusive system” creates, more results that can be actually measured, tested, and proven,“Dare to Compare”!

We have the “Working Knowledge” of  “what, when, how, and why” that guarantees the client reaches their goals!  “Our client will learn for life!” Our Programs even deliver long distance, with “typical results,” due to our use of  facts, accurate applications, and more overall support!

Differences...the facts & reality are these…

Exercise –is actually a stress, a triggering or exertion,” which causes discomfort, increased heart rate, rapid breathing, increased body temperature, sweating, pain, and even extreme nausea! (as is in training)

Recreation – is energizing, fun, comforting, social, easy, creates invigorating feelings, can be performed often! (as in socializing)

Exercise and or training – by our definition is the deciding or determining factor of what “level of performance” you the client want to be at.

Exercise is a “tool” to cause change in strength, endurance and overall physical performance! In our exercise programs we have researched the factors “to use the most effective, and efficient methods” to gain maximum results, in minimal time, every time! Whether it is resistance or weight training for strength, endurance or any increase in physical performance we have the experience, “the working knowledge,” and our clients results speak to that success!

Our programs use more facts, with proper “working knowledge,” to use less total time spent, while yielding maximum progress, to gain all the results possible! We have developed these programs over time and we gladly “reserve the right” to continue “to advance” these methods, as more facts become apparent!

Our goal is to gain maximum results, for the client while using the least amount of time spent, while also increasing health! Saying it simply, “we put training or exercise into peoples lifestyle, instead of putting people’s lifestyle, in to training!”

Exercise is a stimulus, a triggering or stressor, to move-your ”response mechanisms“ into gear – for your body to adapt to a higher level of performance, as an example, to get stronger, and or have more endurance!

However, exercise can be performed to just “maintain” a certain level of performance. This requires a very exacting set of facts and applications, to be very carefully applied.
Maintenance workouts are performed to hold muscle strength at a desired level, “without loss,” while allowing internal response mechanisms to build up for response! A critical major factor for continuous positive results!

Exercise is greatly misunderstood by almost everyone, in that people think it cause’s health, when it is actually a triggering action for the body to promote stronger tissues and increased organ function to respond to its stress!

Exercise – To add or not add?…..It is about “what level of physical performance do you want to be at ….???
If a person’s body is or has been adequately prepared (meaning nutritionally) then exercise will benefit them, if nutritional requirements have not been met prior to the exercise, then exercise is an “added stress” causing unhealthful consequences.

Nutrition is the “make up of the actual materials” that bring about changes or build the actual results!

Time or rest, or restoration is the factor that allows “accumulation of nutrients and time for processing them” to cause the actual physical changes or results!

IMPORTANT: Again, if the body has not received adequate nutrients prior to the “stress or stimulus” of exercise, then only  “negative, or unhealthful consequences” have been added!    -we know health-

NOTE: due to the fact that exercise is a stimulus, triggering or stress, “exercise needs to be as effective as possible, or as brief  and efficient as possible, and performed as sparingly as possible!

Our programs, “get the tested, proven, unequaled results,” due to the “working knowledge,” attention to detail, and proper implementation of nutrition, and time or restoration factors!

Our programs are even done remotely, meaning, we have clients who work with us in other locations across the country and globe! These clients get the same types of awesome, measured, tested results, simply by “paying attention to details, and having adequate support!” These clients learn from our videos, written instructions, phone, skype, and face time! When facts are used, in proper sequence, and the required measurements are taken, evaluating areas of change or concentration can be utilized to make extremely fast progress! Technology today, allows for learning most everything anywhere!

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