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Our programs rapidly restore critical nutrient balance for more rapid restoration!

REVERSING OUR “WEARING OUT !  Seniors are “not old,” most are “worn out.” Due to “improper and insufficient maintenance!”  It really is that simple! -examples- 

Our Programs even deliver long distance, with “typical results” due to more facts, more accurate applications, and more support!

It is not the “Rough Road of Life,” that’s the problem, “it’s the condition of the vehicle traveling the road!” – Quote Bert Seelman

Seniors can tend to become “less active, which lowers lean muscle tissue” “due to less stimulus or reduced efforts, work, or exertion!” Then the seniors physical performance is lowered, because of less stimulus or activity! So “with less lean muscle, stimulated or triggered,” the seniors “metabolism slows, due to less muscle needed!”

The reason for increased metabolism with each pound of lean tissue added to a persons body, the body needs to increase circulation, so oxygen, fuel and repairs or maintenance of the new muscle can take place.

Then the seniors appetite slows, this then means “less in nutrient intake,” so the body has less to rebuild or restore with! “With less materials of intake, this means less materials for fuel, maintenance etc.,” allowing and or causing a “wearing out and wearing down!”  THIS less intake, plus less fuel, does start to take a huge leap forward with what is the perceived appearance of AGING!

As metabolism slows and less nutrients to maintain tissues are taken in, again “it appears aging is the problem,” instead it is “actually wearing out” through “lack stimulus and of maintenance!”

When “less nutrients are taken” in, the the body “cannot restore,” rebuild, revitalize, or perform as well! Nor can the body “look as restored,” so “even our ability to respond with the immune system” is hampered! — = It’s simply lowered physical performance!

When the body process’s slow, less restoration takes place, so they become “worn down or worn out,” non-maintained areas will have pain increases, so at the Doctors they give medications, “to relieve the pain,” which is in reality a masking of the originating problem or symptom!

These “medications only mask,” what is really going on! Yet “most people” taking the masking of the symptom medication or pharmaceutical drug,“mistakenly believe” the drug “fixed” the problem!

These medications or drugs “actually slow reactions,” responses, even inhibit repair or healing in the deeper levels, which then in turn “they reduce more any chance of maintenance!”

If an individual or senior starts taking medications, “the medications mask the pain,” but again do not actually restore, so the problems worsen, more and more!

When activity starts upward or increases, appetite picks up, then muscle gain goes up, “so metabolism speeds up and repair or maintenance speeds up!” Provided “adequate” nutrients are “supplied and processed!” This then, can appear that aging is slowed!

When strokes have occurred and limbs do not respond, it’s actually simple to know what to do! Start with getting circulation going or increasing it!  This will then “saturate the body with nutrients” especially for nerve and muscle tissue regeneration. This is an actual example of what true healing would involve! This simple approach has already had much success!

We see stroke victims all the time get limbs “working unbelievably,” and “in extremely short time periods!” “Success in healing comes from what the body dictates,” and not having limiting beliefs, while pushing the workings of systems within the body! “We do not believe in incurable or un-treatable” as regeneration is what the physical body does “regularly and in a constant!”

Seniors can live remarkably longer lives “if they can get” the proper reminding, caring, encouraging, “with access or availability” to have, consume, utilize the required nutrition, exercise, and help with the right “working knowledge!”

We develop programs for increased health and performance, even for assisted living clients, to feel better, live better and be much healthier! The programs allow assisted living home owners and staff to give much better service as much less individual attention is not as needed due to improved client health and vitality! The assisted living clients following our recommendations, need “much less medication and assistance” being able to do more on their own, while thereby enjoying life to a much greater degree!


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