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Results, can and should be good, great, to even awesome, if a client is actually following the protocols, as directed with programs from or Bert Seelman! Why, the reasons are simple, it is facts. Facts are the basis of all programs design by them, and this is why there is the willingness to test, measure, and compare to any and all programs anywhere! The whole intent of all programs was to improve health across the board, for all involved. Clients abound, that have actual miraculous sounding recoveries for terminal diseases, and these stories verified by actual board certified physicians, and medical malpractice attorneys as well! Professional athletes, amateur athletes, weight loss, medication reduction and or elimination are just common, to these ACTUAL engineered programs!

Results are TYPICAL, like only fat lost, while lean muscle is gained, both happening at the same time. Blood sugar levels within range in just days, blood chemistry improvements, energy increases, no hunger or cravings, and more food than a person could want to eat! All this is and became a reality, individuals learned values with experience which creates a true lifestyle! 

If a program is actually engineered with facts, the program should be predictable, repeatable, and sustainable, while learning for life!

The problem today is that programs are for the most, part just slammed together to sell to gain financial benefits for whom ever is selling these programs. This is the problem when individuals use only emotions to make decisions on important decisions in place of using logic and facts.

Bert Seelman’s knows programs, because his programs are actually engineered with facts to produce extremely fast, consistent results due to facts, and applications being used in the correct sequences, so there is a tremendous verified amount of proof for over 40 years, learn more here!

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