Restoration and Recovery – Time as a Factor


Rest is or can be referred to or equated as – “RESTORATION” and or “TIME,” and Recovery

“Rest” comes from the word, “Restoration.”

Restoration or adequate recovery can not take place without adequate nutritional materials and “enough or adequate time” to process and utilize them!

NOTE: This is where our research focused early on, it was into these factors of recovery, to increase efficiency, to gain faster and more repeatable “results!” We realized that “recovery was more important” than the stress of added or more intense exercise! -example-

After the nutrients have been processed by the body, they need to be utilized and or put into place.

NOTE:”The requirements for repair must be present prior to” the stimulus or stress from exercise or “no positive benefit will take place!”
Example: You’re shaving today and cut yourself. Would you benefit from running to eat those things that will assist to clot the bleeding? Obviously the components to help clot the blood should have been consumed “prior to shaving.” Not after the problem has taken place!”
Rest can be equated with “the time” between stimulus or exercise, “the time” to allow or accumulate adequate amounts of nutrients, and “adequate time” to process these nutrients to be utilized for repairs and reserves.

“Rest or time” between stimulus or triggering by strenuous or hard workouts is a “critical” consideration as accumulation and processing of materials or nutrients becomes greater due to increased amounts of muscle or lean tissue as well as these increased performance levels! The increase of muscle or lean tissue increases the needs or “requires the organs to accumulate, process and respond more to keep up!” -engineering formula-

Many individuals do not get enough nutrients from the foods they eat so the body takes longer to recover and may not build up any reserves.

“Almost all exercise programs today place the importance on the exercise and not on the body’s ability to respond or recover.”This is gross negligence and incompetence on the part of the individuals who support these incomplete programs.” The response mechanism or recovery ability of the body should be considered “prior to the stress of exercise”.

Without the ability to respond properly and adequately, true health is left compromised.


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