Regarding ALL Dietary Programs

Regarding All Dietary Programs

Base Nutrition Dietaries and ALL dietary programs by Bert Seelman’s P.F.S., and, should be used only as General Guidelines or base starting points, unless participating in a personalized program directed by a specialist trained in specifics of dietary systems!

When restricting caloric intake, know that the amounts of nutrients are also restricted, yet they are still needed or required by the body! So, supplementation is advised! This dietary program is best used with added consulting from a P.F.S., or counselor or instructor!


It is better to use slightly more proper types and doses of supplementation than less, as is true with portion sizes! The most impact, results, and learning is always by a personal program advisement from us!


Foods are best prepared with using a low temperature as possible to ensure maximum nutrition.

Timing of food consumption is of critical importance in food utilization for optimum benefits.

NO MICRO-WAVE, coated pans, aluminum, or cast iron if possible. Utilize stainless steel, porcelain, crockery.

Oils – cold or expeller pressed, safflower, olive, sesame. Never use Canola oil. Do not heat oils or cook with.

Water should be purified, not distilled (no PH adjusted) no carbonated. 1 gallon per day minimum = 4 – 5 oz. per half hour.

Water can be purified by a BRITA, or ZERO brand pitcher with a filter in it, this is much more cost effective than buying bottled water.

Protein sources should be complete sources only (animal or flesh sources), and protein powders are best pure egg without any artificial sweeteners.

NOTE: It is better to consume “ADEQUATE” amounts of protein. Do not fry proteins.

Supplements are advised, a multi-mineral and multi-vitamin are absolute minimums. USE SUGGESTED BRANDS ONLY by Bert Seelmans P.F.S., or!!

Taking supplements, first eat 1 – 2 large bites of protein, then immediately take supplements with as little water as possible and then resume with food.


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