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Why Us

SYNOPSIS OF WHY US …..   how do we do it, …

it’s about one’s “INTENT,” being for “Higher,”….not just for “Hire!”

WHY US, might better be stated,
Why Not Us, as our record shows that with tens of thousands of clients, for over 40+ years, and without exception, that we are the go to service in healing, health, wellness, and any physical performance needs!

Our clients get more proven, unequaled results, for any desired result, in less time, compared to any other program, anywhere else, all while learning for a life time! How do we always deliver, due to using more facts, with more working knowledge, and informative support!

We CARE MORE, and as our name says, “Results Are Proof,” and our secret is, that we have always believed, seen, and treated the whole man, the three parts, Spirit, Mind, and Body!

WE knew from the beginning, our intent has always been for, “Higher”(spiritual), NOT just for HIRE!

“Because of our care, in the extreme” as shown in our foundation being built on“defiance, against limiting beliefs!”(shows we had to think, and research, outside the box, we used lots of effort)

We started from an idea, out of extreme need for healing, a life-threatening situation, that was supposedly without viable hope! Then hearing and taking to heart the quote by Albert Einstein, ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge!”

Through believing that anything can be possible, imagination, and the gathering of facts, and relentless amounts of trying and failing, our positive results came through! Then connecting the positives, plus the use of more experimentation, more positive results revealed themselves.

Our relentless pursuit of more, faster, better results, “has shown itself in our ability with programs that are predictable, repeatable, and sustainable!”  (our clients testimonials)

We saw early on and took to heart what Hippocrates said, ”It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease,” than to know the sort of disease a person has!”

We realize this incite showed itself as “a critical factor to effectively treat,” any human!

So, the need to know “what sort of man,” required the knowledge that “man is a three part being!” A person must have “understanding” that man, is a three part being, a Spirit, a Mind, and Body, then and only then can a true understanding of  “what sort he is,” to be truly understood for treatment!


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Our Programs

In regards to what can and will happen with your program with us,” you represent the major variant!” 

This means two things…..
First, you must advise us as accurately and with truth to allow us to understand your current condition thoroughly,

Secondly, “this will allow us to give you the best information and instructions.”

So, it is ideal for you to attain the most possible from your program! This will require your attention to every detail and that there is the consistency of effort with follow-through.  

Those things being done, it’s simple, watch your results happen!