Precaution for optimized results!

 Precautions for optimized results!

NOTE: The following information is of major importance to the results of your program.

  1. Read all the information thoroughly. If there are any questions, try rereading the section. Each detail is of major importance. Slight changes or variations in application can disproportionately affect the results and outcome.
  1. After you have reread all the information carefully, it is advisable to lay out a list of foods and procedures. This will help to develop a system that will enable you to proceed with as few mistakes as possible. Great for future efficiency!
  1. Be consistent with the steps or procedures on a day- to- day basis. If the desired result does not appear to happen, recheck everything from beginning to end. This is best done by checking your daily log sheet as well as your manual. By writing these things down there is less left to chance.
  1. Regularly, at the times indicated, use your measurements, pulse rates, body composition, photographs and weight to establish your overall results. All of these components will give you the most important indications for what is truly taking place. Do not limit yourself to only one of these methods.

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