Overtraining – the factors of, explained,

OVER TRAINING[2]OVERTRAINING – what it is – what are the factors

Overtraining is the single most common problem for lack, slowing or loss of measurable results and lack or loss of increased performance, and an increase of worsening health!

RESULTS =.     added muscle   = faster metabolism



Results are basically a positive increase in any area of performance.

Exercise.   =       Stimulus.         =   increased work load or more intensity of work



Nutrition.   =.       Materials.   =.       Protein, fats, carbs, Minerals, vitamins  What body is made of –

Rest or       =.     To accumulate and process adequate materials –

Time.                   Time to stop or slow frequency of exercise – efficient use of stimulus

Intensity of exercise is another factor to be considered

NOTE: slowed or stopped “measurable results = or means the body is “over trained,” it also the body –  Does Not Have Adequate Materials and Rest!!!

Overtraining WILL cause health to be Slowed and Aging or Wearing Out, to be accelerated !!!

More exercise = more stress

More stress = increased need for more nutrition or materials

More materials (nutrition) = increased need for more time or rest

More Time or Rest, to accumulate and process materials for a full or better response

Better health, less aging or wearing out, is dependent on adequate response from an adequately rested, adequately fed, and properly supplied body, that is not over stressed or trained! Too much of any one thing creates an unbalanced body and response system.

Results should be predictable, measurable, repeatable, and maintainable, if true facts and proper applications with “working knowledge” are utilized! Especially to help prevent overtraining!

Summation: RESULTS CAN BE ENGINEERED, if true working knowledge of factors is understood!

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