The One Most important exercise fact ever

“The One Most important exercise fact ever”….                                                               

                                                                                    ©copyright Bert Seelman 2013

IMAGINE, the most accurate, 100% dependable instruction indicator for every result?

One fact tells, all that is needed to know about how to get results from any form of exercise!

One fact tells, the whole answer, to getting measurable guaranteed results from any workout!

One fact tells, when a person is ready for another hard workout!

One fact tells, if a workout was effective!

One fact tells if a supplement truly made a difference!

One fact tells if a certain food was beneficial or not!

One fact tells, when a person is working out too much, or too often, or too hard!

One fact is, what 99+% of all coaches never know, never use and never learn!

One fact tells, if your athletic performance was a full effort or a lesser effort!

One fact tells, if your body is being attacked, with a illness or virus!

One fact tells, if your body is getting well, when you have been sick or ill!

One fact can tell you about just how much actual “effort” anything you do, takes!

And this one fact is the key to so much more!


This fact would take effort to learn, an effort to know, however once it is learned and utilized accurately, every thing could be a constant progress forward for positive results each, and every time! It is a factor to a lot of our results!



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