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Our programs actually “test and prove more accuracy, so only is fat lost, while lean is gained!” Our programs improve blood chemistry panels in just weeks!

NUTRITION – DIET – Intake – “It either does something for you or something to you”! Quote Bert Seelman.   Our Programs even deliver long distance, with “typical results” due to more facts, more accurate applications, and more support! Our clients learn for life!

Nutrition – Diet  is – the chemicals, nutrients, or the required materials” of intake for, growthrepair, restoration or rebuilding, along with some being used for various fuels, needed for the physical body or being!

FACT – There is hope – our bodies grow a new stomach lining every four days, a new layer of skin every twenty eight days, and every cell in our bodies is replaced every sixteen plus months!

IMAGINEwhat the possibilities could be, if we were to “take in, eat or consume, a much higher quality diet or nutritional regime?”

So our physical “condition, state, or performance” has the ability to be greatly affected within very short periods of time, and in very powerful ways through our nutrition or diet!

We are after all, as defined by science as an “electrical (spirit), chemical (nutrients), physical being! ”The “Spirit” is the “animating force as even declared by law! The Spirit is the “electrical force” or the charge or “animating force!”

NOTEthe Spirit must be addressed to make full impact in extreme cases of disease! Without this addressing “BOTH” the Spirit, and the Physical, we have found NO POSITIVE continuous, or COMPLETE long term response is possible!

It is commonly known that fats, proteins (complete),and carbohydrates, are all needed in a balanced amount, plus have prioritized uses!

Nutrition or foods are used in “three critical assignments or utilization’s” all are exactly prioritized in this specific order!

1 – ENERGY – fuel and warmth
2 – REPAIR – restoration, and any extra is stored as energy = fat
3 – STORAGE – as energy or fat

CARBOHYDRATES  = energy (prioritized)
FATS = concentrated energy (prioritized)
PROTEIN (complete) = repair (prioritized) + energy – a dual purpose food

Diet or nutrition is not about what the body “wants” but providing the body with “what it requires” or what it’s needs dictate!

There is one diet “other than” the “Hypoglycemic diet” that has proven to actually extend life! It is the “High Nutrient Low Calorie diet!” This diet means that “high amounts of nutrients” are taken in, in the form of “low calorie” foods! The benefit is simple, it gives the body all the best and more than adequate nutrients, while not over working the body to process the foods, which could have been detrimental to health or performance!

The Hypoglycemic diet is one that provides the body with the nutrients it needs in the proper amounts with the proper timing. The hypoglycemic diet involves small to moderate amounts of food often (every two to three hours); this consists of at least two snacks and three meals per day. Foods would be comprised of moderate protein, moderate carbohydrates and moderate to low fat. Recently, a new book, The Zone, has shown through twelve years of study that a diet consisting of approximately 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fat is optimal.

“The optimum would be” what we have utilized for optimal results in our programs. “A modified version of Hypoglycemic diet, yet being low calorie high nutrient, along with several other proprietary changes similar to non food combining!”

NOTE: Our dietary programs have been shown to improve any, even every condition, when adhered to, while improving blood sugar and blood chemistry within just weeks or even days!

Other Diets
“Low fat diets” allow blood sugar levels to drop too quickly often causing carbohydrate cravings. Fat is needed in the diet for the absorption of fat soluble vitamins, and fuel! Fat is often a preferred energy or fuel source to carbohydrates!

Unsaturated fats comprising at least 2+% of the total daily calorie content is required for MINIMAL health! (utilized in fat soluble vitamin absorption)

“High carbohydrate diets” can cause excessive insulin production leaving the pancreas and adrenals stressed. In time this can cause hypoglycemia and/or diabetes.

“Low protein diets” slow the body’s ability to recover from stress and stress of exercise. Without adequate complete protein, the body loses lean tissue or muscle which causes the metabolism to slowdown. Complete protein is needed for proper response of the immune system.

“Calorie counting” and food types play a part in weight loss, but “the timing of your food consumption is as or more important.” You can’t exercise enough in one week to make up for 2 bad meals! Do sweat it! Most all “weight loss” programs are what they say, “weight loss!” Not all are necessarily FAT loss!

“Weight loss” programs may lose 1 lb. of muscle to 2-3 lbs. of fat! Losing muscle slows your metabolism. This is one of the reasons “weight loss” programs can hit so many set or sticking points. If you’re having trouble with low energy, instead of eating more carbs why don’t you try repairing the tissues and eating protein. Complete proteins are dual purpose foods which are “prioritized for repair,” and can be utilized for energy!

Our bodies are almost totally replaced down to the last cell in just over one year. Where are these replacement materials acquired, obviously from what we eat! With the modification of foods like GMO’s and “optimization” of our foods being produced or grown today, we no longer are able to get the proper amounts of nutrients required from our foods alone. Unfortunately farmers do not grow foods with just our nutrition in mind, but rather with their profits prioritized!

So for “optimal health and nutrition”, “we have found it absolutely necessary” to include vitamin and mineral supplementation into our dietary plans! Surely these carefully selected supplement materials are worth the dollar or two a day to “insure optimum health, performance, and results!” If we are what we eat, we are sure clients would rather not be fast, cheap, and easy but rather totally restored and energized?”

NOTE: We kiddingly call it “the expensive urine plan,” which means we would rather our clients urinate out 10% extra nutrients than lack 10% and be un-restored or not revitalized!

The interaction of the nutrients from our food and supplements is a most important actually critical key to our health.

Vitamins are found in all living tissues, but the body cannot manufacture all of its own so they must be supplied in our diets. Vitamins work in combination with minerals and enzymes to assist many biological functions in our body, working at the cellular level.

Minerals are found in all components of the body and are important to fluid balance, acid and alkaline balance, the production of hormones and are especially important to mental and physical well being.

While both are essential to the proper functioning of any human body, “vitamins make-up less than 1% of your body and minerals make-up more than 5%!” (see article – A Pregnant Mother’s Diet May Turn the Genes Around – By Sandra Blakeslee – Published: October 07, 2003

The fact is that you don’t get all the nutrients your body needs from the foods you eat! Quality supplementation is the key insurance policy for your physical health, and gaining fast results!

NOTE: We have advised on adequate use of complete mineral complexes for over 40 years! Minerals are “the major key” to every adequate cellular exchange of all nutrients!

If we are made of what we eat and our bodies are are the temple…….?
What quality of food should we use…..?
What state of lack are we willing to suffer with during our lives….?
Our children are in their formative years, what are we sentencing them to…?
How long and what quality do we desire for our lives…..?

Health is after all, OUR CHOICES!


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