Programs May Include, and or Require

Program may include –

Programs may require a few, many, or all of the following depending on specific needs or requirements…..

Initial meeting – usually free, for an overall history and view

An Initial overview or consult for possibilities before going forward

Consult and overview for in depth program needs
Histories of multiple varied factors
Addiction / cessation plan if needed
Cleanse if needed
Basic Supplementation plan
Specialization of supplement or herbal plan, possible medication reduction plan
Dietary plan – minimum to maximum
Food selection– prioritizing –   planning- rotation- preferences
Hygiene product awareness
Measurements- photos- testing
Body composition testing to accurately adjust dietary needs
Exercise and or circulatory programs
Heart rates – monitoring / testing, all three if needed
Logging plan of specific goal needs – for future referral
Scheduling for training / rehabilitation

Program specifics May include –

Daily text, e-mail, or phone reports of specific critical monitoring points and consulting
Rehab specifics plans
Observation of specific activities
Consult medication reduction possibilities
Food prep instruction
Food shop consult at locations
Specialized rehab added instruct
Sports specific coaching and referral
Herbal remedies instruction
Referrals to specific health services
Evaluations from additional therapies
Plan for lifestyle

Due to the reality that each individual has uniqueness, many differing histories, exposures, and backgrounds need to be brought to light! Because of this understanding on our part, we are able to draw from these the critical factors, the information to engineer a more accurate, logical, and more effective and directed program!

Each individual also has likes, dislike, circumstances that allow or disallow, all of these unique considerations are a huge limit for programs that do not have a depth of background in actual working knowledge! We bring to play 40+ years of experience, and with thousands of clients from debilitating severe diseases, to highly skilled professional athletes! This gives us an advantage from the point of exposure, to gain insights, that many have not. The body has many systems, which need specific addressing, with multitudes of applications, our years in this field are our best qualifications, having our proven record of success’s! DARE TO COMPARE, anywhere!

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