The new era “drug dealer” and addict…

“The new era “drug dealer” who creates, the new era “drug addict!”

In today’s world we are supposed to have the most knowledge, ever. Of course “they,” say that. By the way, who the heck are “they,” anyway? In today’s world we are supposed to live longer, “they” say! Don’t forget for one minute though, we are also having more cancer and major disease problems than ever before, ”they“ say.

Now if you are thinking at all, I would hope you are hearing all the “contradictions” in all these things, even with us supposing to be smarter, “more educated and more informed.”(so are “they” blowing smoke?)

What I want to know is, really, who “they” are? “They” is the catch all phrase for giving validity to anything, “they,” want us to believe.”They” it seems to me, is Big Business. In the health field the “big” money concerns would be “Big Pharma” or the large pharmaceutical corporations who “drive” the medical fields. (literally informing the physicians )

These Big Pharmaceutical companies finance the medical research, the educational divisions, and the medical field, in so many ways that it is virtually inseparable from any major part of health period. These companies are even the driving forces through finance in our very government and how many of our laws have “they changed.?” Think about this for a minute, you donate (give) money to research for cancer, etc! The big pharmaceutical companies take this free money, given to them, and supposedly develop cures or drugs to “help” these conditions. (when in all actuality they manage ,extend, and continue for profit)
Now “they got the money for free,” they then make these drugs available for outrageous profit margins, first to the hospitals, and doctors, then to the person through drug stores.

Yes, the very person who donated the money for the research, is paying a price that is way over inflated, to save their own life! Who’s stupid here? That is some kind of perverted way of saying “they” care about your life.

“They” say that these so called pharmaceuticals are “life saving.” For example let us consider the cost of chemo- therapy. If a person doesn’t have insurance to pay for the chemo treatments, they will in many, yes many cases, be turned away from treatment. Is this the life saving research we are “donating” to? Now, if this person can get treatment, it can be so expensive, that the bills from this treatment can take everything the person and their family earns for most of the rest of their lives. Do we call that “saving their life?”

We need to understand that pharmaceuticals only mask the symptoms and only manage the conditions, as long as the person keeps taking the drug. These so-called cures are lies that need to be seen as they are, a constant requirement to stay in the suspended state of non-health. These pharmaceuticals are not truly “restoring“the body to full health and or restoration.

The big pharmaceutical companies are the so to speak, the modern drug cartels.
The pharmacists and doctors are the new era “pusher” or drug dealer. The individuals who rely on these types of drug treatments, are the new era”junkies” or “drug addicts.”

Who are any of us to put down the drug addict from the street? At least the drug addict from the street “knows” what they are getting and what bad side effects they will endure.

We all need to look into our own restoration and not be so “lazy,” yes lazy, about taking charge of our own health!
Taking “care” or maintaining our physical health, should be as important as our spiritual well being! Of course this is absolutely without a doubt going to eliminate a lot of those lazy individuals who want everything cheap, fast, and easy!

This article is not cynical, abusive, nor mean, it is literally a “self-evident fact” meant to hopefully awaken even just a few!
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