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Our website is intended “to help” prevent, misleading’s, dispel myths and fraud, while providing factual based information in the health, nutrition, weight loss, fitness, and sports performance fields!  Proper priorities for producing “healthful results” are not always utilized, and emotional decisions run rampant, allowing for many to be totally misled wasting time, money, efforts and health! Our information is constantly changing and we reserve the right to changes as new, more, and additional facts become available, as we have for over 43 years!


LEVEL 1 – this level is free just for registering, it is general information of varied subjects, along with ideas, insights, or perspectives, applications, general instructions, points of interest! Myth’s, facts, applications, ideas, trends, and general information useful for helping make determinations as to value, worth, time, value, and more!

LEVEL 2 – membership fee’s required. This level is up to “Book Information,” which starts to get into specifics, applications, details, and some specifics of instructions to attain desired results. This includes many simple areas of health improvements, nutrition, exercise, supplementation, etc.

LEVEL 3 – membership fee’s required. This level is “Book information” and somewhat above! Actual pages from “the book The Great Fitness Fraud,” will be utilized, copied, posted, instructed on, and added to! In addition information, instruction, applications, and specifics, like brands, amounts, portions, weights, measures, will be disclosed! Articles, audio’s, video’s, about “how to,” why, when, as well as criteria for specific varied situations, occurrences, etc. will be constantly added! Many new topics, deeper understandings in the form of written articles plus, video’s, audio’s, dietary specific’s.

LEVEL 4 –  CONSULTING- fees here are for appointed amounts of time for consulting!

Note:  New Levels will be added from time to time, as we are in process of adding more services, information, programs, etc.! Contact us if needed for specific or more information! THANK YOU!