Medicine Man Versus Doctor

Medicine Man versus Doctor

The medicine man usually comes with and from a “spiritual base,” a spiritual respect, a clarity of thinking, open to everything, and anything, knowing we were Divinely Created or formed! Knowingly, factually we were actually made, and renewed from the “EARTH,,” and or it’s “materials”and a spirit!

The doctor comes with a physically somewhat slanted, factual, educated, all knowing, ego driven, even if not his own, all ready formed “method of supposed understanding,” and “the inner initiative’s,” standard methodology, or accepted approach focused on the physical man!

Man is a “spiritual” being having a physical experience, the “spirit” is the “animating force” of the “physical!”

Without addressing the spiritual the physical is only “partially” cared for!

Each event, each person, however  has a “unique set of circumstances spiritually, and physically,” so every thing is and will be “unique,” to gain the “specific’s of the healing needed.”

“All healing” must therefore, “to be best or most effective and fully received,” must be sought “from our Creator through, and with Divine directions,”after all, the Creator is the “manufacturer” or the one who formed us!!!!!!

This “is why” so many do not get well, healed, and die, because only “PART” of a man is being addressed!

Remember ……    Hippocrates said…. “It is More important to KNOW what sort of man has the Disease….. than to know the sort of disease the man has!!!!!”

That is “a spiritual approach” to a “physical manifested problem.” Invoking God and His Ways has to be THE obvious consideration!!!!

Bert Seelman

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