Medicine – The Beginning of Hurting

Medicine, the begining of hurting

People do not think!   (it takes too much of an effort)

At least not adequately, often enough, or with any degree of consciousness and forget logic, for the most part!

Notice, I did not say “all.”

When most are failing in their “physical performance” (health) like tired, achy, sickly, or diseased, their usual thought then action is they “go to the Doctor!” – “again I did not say all”

So, what’s wrong with that? I said earlier, “their thinking, is failing.”  Here is how “stupid” that is, and yes the word “STUPID” is being overly kind, gentle, and is politically correct!    (to heck with that it doesn’t help people really)

A Doctor “If” he or she is “worth their salt,” will be able to “guarantee” how to prevent “the problem” if, “IF” they say they can “cure it.”   (think, if they cannot prevent, thy do not know enough to heal it, basic logic)  -simple logic test-

If a person does not “know enough” why something got them there, who is “STUPID” enough to trust their life to someone to cure, what they cannot understand fully? Simply put, if you cannot prevent it, you surely don’t know enough to fix it!

This is why people are really not living longer, at least not naturally. They are living longer chemically suspended on pharmaceuticals.  (remember medications only “mask” the symptoms)

The United States sells, dispenses, prescribes more than half of all pharmaceuticals in the world. This country has more drug stores than any other country. This country has more medical procedures performed than any other country!

What is the problem? Simple, people are and become Cheap, Fast, and Easy! Or easy, sleezy, and pleazzy meazzy!

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Cheap meaning that they are so “non-thinking” that they try to “save money” when buying groceries! I mean com’on  now, “that food” is what re-energizes, repairs, and maintains health! Most people care more about their dogs food than their children’s. Their young children are in their “formative years” so how do they want their kids to be formed, by “junk food?”  People know more about their cell phone and car than about their body, and that is the vehicle carrying their spirit through the journey called life!

People want “Fast” meaning give it to me now and or quick! People want things quick, at no extra time to be spent or no waiting. Me now, is the deal, no time to value, think, weigh things out, no morals applied. (sleezy)

Easy is where they will expend no effort, not even to “think!” No work, just they believe their being alive, gives the entitlement!

People are of the mind-set that their wishes are enough, so that they deserve.

A man who is living does not just “deserve a fish to eat!” He deserves to be “taught to fish,” so that he may attain by  “his own efforts” and contributions. This is “biblical and GODLY.”  Scripture says, “if a man does not work, he should not eat!”

Pharmaceuticals only make symptoms, after they have covered the desired ones! At the Ionic state or atomic level, pharmaceuticals always do negative things to imbalance life forces, but the irritating feelings are relieved, but the disease is not stopped, only the feelings of discomfort are eliminated.

So people when sick, go to the Doctor! Lets look at the meanings of the word Doctor according to Mr. Webster.

  1. To give medical treatment
  2. To “practice” medicine!
  3. To modify or adapt for a desired end. (maybe too make money)
  4. To “ALTER” Deceptively!- what the h— ???

Deceptive = to deceive by fraud or trick. 

The human body can totally replace every cell, every sixteen months. That means you can recreate or regenerate who you are or your state or condition! All through your make up through nutrition. What do you want to be ?

Nutrients or proper nutrition maintains us, fuels us, rebuilds us, revitalizes us. Scripture says that, “my people “perish” from “lack of knowledge!”  Effort to learn, and know, is the individuals failure, to put forth adequate effort, to maintain health and wellness.

So if you don’t want to prevent, or maintain health, it will go, and “you only have the person in the mirror to blame!”

So in last thoughts, remember, if you lack now in understanding, you will lack way more, and have added hurting, suffering, and agony, somewhere down the road !

YOU PAY in small steady efforts NOW, TO ENJOY good health, and well feelings for A LONG AND BETTER LIFE.

Sickness is a choice, or a non-choice, it is still a choice!     © Copyright Bert Seelman 2013


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