Keys – Factors to Recovery

The Keys or Factors to Recovery, Restoration, and Measurable Results (positive)

Factors, methods or applications, and experience or working knowledge!

The keys to gaining increased physical performance and health are simple, yet they are totally over looked, and misunderstood! 

There are three common critical factors that must be utilized with absolute working knowledge or experience to gain positive results are Nutrition, Exercise, and Rest or Time!

Increased physical performance as in health or sports training, comes from faster “recovery!”

RECOVERY or restoration for “exercise or training,”and health is “increased” by these applications of the three major factors! “Using more efficiency of Exercise, allowing adequate Rest or Time for accumulating, processing, restoring or building, and using more effective “optimizing of Nutritional requirements.”  All three of these critical factors and methods must be combined “correctly with experienced working knowledge for positive, measurable, consistent results, which makes the results predictable!


EXERCISE = efficient = minimal amount, maximally effective   (exercise is a draw or stressor, a triggering)

TIME /rest = adequate to accumulate, process, repair/replace

NUTRITION = quality, quantity “adequate,”  frequency /availability when needed


NOTE: Engineer success, always, first, it must be pre-planned or it will fail!

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