How We Deliver

How we DELIVER RESULTS anywhere………..

Our programs have been using more facts, actually “many more facts” than other programs, for over 43 years!

There are three major factors that must be addressed, balanced, and understood to “deliver measurable and repeatable results!” After all, if “ACTUAL facts” are used, then predictability should be a definite marker of “knowing how to deliver” results consistently!

The three main factors of “getting results” are not even known, let alone considered by  many “so called professionals” in the fitness, health, diet, and rehabilitation fields! This lack of care on their part to learn, and to know, is just the beginning of the problem, of “why” most all programs are not “delivering measured results!”

The three requirements to be understood are:

NUTRITION = materials + fuel

REST or TIME (REST-oration) = to accumulate, plus to process materials, and actually build

EXERCISE = Stimulus or triggering for increased capacity

NOTE: exercise is actually a stress to cause change, for a hopeful positive increase or response.

While everyone else tries to use the stress of exercise to produce results, we have always seen that results are produced from materials in place prior to making these stimulated or triggering responses!

By understanding the (facts) true causes and effects, the working order or priorities, and the proper sequences of each factor, we have tested, proven, and been able to PREDICT, REPEAT, and SUSTAIN RESULTS!

With communication of today’s technology,  fact based knowledge, plus experience, we literally can, and do, regularly coach clients in other regions of the country, and or globe, to gain their desired results!


There must be a true desire, a commitment, efforts, accurate communication, and a willingness to follow instructions, as accurately as possible, in order to gain the desired results! Facts applied in the same manner will always deliver the same results!  So with communication, instruction, efforts, and use of modern technology, communication is heard, read, watched, evaluated, and adjusted by working as a team!

Two working together desiring the common goal, can make the reality of coaching anyone, Anywhere today, and WE DELIVER!


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