How It Started, Why, the Realization

Our PROGRAM, How it started….

The IDEA or concept was to:

Design/build a “program” where any one, either sex, any age, with any condition, can drastically change their physical status. This means changing composition, state of physical performance, internal health, and external looks or image! All the while learning to predict, maintain, plus sustain the new existence of the improved gained capacities, while learning the working knowledge to keep it for life!

After all we can fly……    We can talk on the air waves….          SO why not……?????


REQUIREMENTS – Material and Applications
The materials are our intake, diet or nutrients. We must consider quality, quantity, frequency and sequence or combination of these materials for optimized results. Our body must have adequate time to accumulate enough, and added time to process the materials to facilitate full or desired results.


LEVELS of Performance Improvement
There are several methods to change levels of performance. The first method is exercise. Exercise should be effective, efficient or brief and measured.The factors to measure exercise are distance, resistance and time.

The second method to change levels performance is circulatory or cardiovascular exercise. Circulatory work should be measured by time, intensity and/or heart rate. This circulatory or cardiovascular exercise requires much less time than is currently perceived if done effectively. this circulatory work causes nutrients and oxygen to reach areas of the body at improved levels of saturation, increasing performance.

The third method of performance improvement can be received from improved intake alone. This improvement is due to more efficiency of processes within the body from better combinations and availability of nutrients.


TESTS / proving and proof
By using consistent material and applications, predicted outcomes became available.
These predicted outcomes give us the ability to find consistency and inconsistencies in known areas. This allows us the ability to engineer predictability, repeatability and sustainability with consistent results. Increased improvements come from utilization of more proprietary factors, including all related areas of exercise, nutrition and rest for proven results.


Development of a “program or system” of fast, time efficient, effective, repeatable, measurable results. The core of the program needs to be a health changing lifestyle that resists limited thinking and influences.

Bottom line was to design/build a program or “protocol” that increased physical human performance, no matter what condition, each and every time, at levels that had previously only been imagined!

“A program that” is unexcelled, unequaled, in anyway, anywhere, period!


Over forty three years in the making, with thousands of satisfied examples of  clients, and endorsements that are beyond believable. The program “is real” it is here now, and deliverable literally anywhere!

Just like incurable and untreatable are only in reality “a state of the minds saying such….!!!!”


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