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We actually, “individually design” and Engineer Health, Wellness, and Rehabilitative programs that deliver  fast, long term natural answers, with unequaled results! Our programs  include – medication reduction, natural remedies, and an education in self-healing – for all phases of illness, and with any conditions…

All programs with our service are “educational” so you will learn, and “you will be in control,” so let us teach you how, as we have for so many!

We use a “more comprehensive” approach, with everything we offer!   -our approach-  Our Programs even deliver long distance (over the phone and internet), with “typical results” due to the use of more facts, and more accurate applications, plus more support (a critical factor)!

We teach and deliver, the long term natural answers!

Creating, acquiring, or maintaining a state of physical health, is about supplying the correct amounts of  required nutrients, in correct combinations, sequence, and at the proper time!  Simply said, “It is about supplying adequate amounts of what the body’s systems dictate!”   -examples-

Health is not  about “luck,” it’s not by chance, and it is not an emotional “idea!”

Health is made up, with knowledge,  preventive measures, and maintenance!     example  even at a distance

Health is “a state of vitality,” proper functioning, and the extending to the full of the physical life (longevity)!

HEALTH is not lost, it is “sacrificed” on the altar of the cheap, fast, and immediate! – quote Bert Seelman

Disease, sickness, and illness, does not “stalk us, hunt us down, or jump on us!We lacked knowledge, in varied areas, or we made knowingly bad choices, and in some cases we made no decisions, which in reality are “decisions” by avoidance!

Disease = “dis-ease”or “unrest” or “imbalance”at the cellular levels!

Disease is a condition of a “lowered physical state of function of performance” which allows, creates, and supports a microbe or “a negative condition to develop” within us!

This lowered physical performance, too often results in a state of medicated or pharmaceutical supported existence! Medications only mask problems, these conditions then still exist, and need or require the medication for function, which is not a state of health! Our programs utilize medication reduction by proper nutrient support, or restoration, and it is rapid!

Luis Pasteur, Bernard,and Bechamp, all agreed, “that is is not the microbe,” but it is the “condition of the body” when the microbe enters it!…..

Our bodies grow a new stomach lining every four days, a new layer of skin every twenty eight days and replace every cell about every sixteen months! Imagine the possibilities this creates! (if we will “act in the positive”)

Our bodies are literally electrical, chemical, “vehicles” for our spirit to ride in for our journey through life! So, it’s not the road in life, it’s the condition of the vehicle traveling the road, that determines the quality of the ride!   -example-

Without the proper amounts, types and timing of nutritional input, and adequate time to process and restore we are or will be greatly limited!

More importantly is the order of these 3 areas:

  • Nutrition – providing the materials (nutrients) for restoring or rebuilding and fuel
  • Rest – time for allowing the body to process and use those nutrients
  • Exercise – a stimulus, “Stress”, or triggering, to cause a “hopeful” positive response of increased strength and endurance

Our bodies need the proper type, amount, and timing of nutrients and the time to process those nutrients before they can be utilized for a positive response through the stimulus of exercise.

Note, most cases physical exercise is adding an additional stress to an already out of balance body.

Sickness or lowered physical performance is the body’s inability to maintain at a balanced fully responsive performance level.

The inability to respond adequately is almost always due to imbalance. This imbalance can come from inadequate amounts of nutritional components (diet), inadequate amounts of “time” to accumulate nutritional needs, process these needs and enough time to make adequate repairs to tissues (restoration) or too much stress or stimulus (exercise). Many individuals look at the outside of their bodies, consider how they feel, and if nothing seems wrong, they think “I must be healthy.” How about on the inside? What about what we cannot see or feel right now?

So…. Proper prior prevention is an imperative requirement for continuing and maintaining health!

Incurable and untreatable are the conditions of the mind stating these words!  Quote- Bert Seelman

It takes time, knowledge, and working knowledge to know, understand, and receive or build health without exception!

POINT: We actually have the ability to change our status of health and performance with every single decision we make on a moment to moment basis!

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