Healing, means “to restore to the original,” to make sound in function!

Healing, means “not being in a masked state,” that numbs the feelings, or irritating symptoms as is the process with non-natural pharmaceuticals or drugs! Healing is about true restoration at the cell level, meaning recreated by our own natural means through replenishing the body through nutrients!

Healing is about being made “complete,” having the body thrive, prosper, and growing to our full potential in health, function, and to a full length of life!



When we are sick, weak, in pain, suffering from a disease or whatever, most want “relief” and it is usually desired right now! Alright, we all want any irritation, pain, or discomfort “stopped,” and true it is best when it happens “right now”.

However this is where these “irritating effects” get truly fixed, restored and healed, or they only get “relieved” or receive a cure!                                                                                                                                                         

When these irritations, discomforts, pains and the like only get “relieved” and not truly healed, the problem will be back and with usually much worse circumstances. This “relieving of the symptom only” is where it is only temporary, because actual restoration does not take place! 

To heal is to put back to the original condition, and integrity.

Healing is the state of normal formation and total restoration of what was! Like the “manufacturer” would do or return something to the original. This is also where emotions should be overcome with logic and we should seek the long term quality solution for a true healing and restoration.

Many will just settle for “relief” and then because the body is still imbalanced for lack of whatever nutrient or natural requirement is still lacking or missing, the problem will raise its ugly head again. Then because of another failed process or faulty functioning (because no restoration has taken place) more or additional symptoms start and the individual is back on the merry go round again, looking for more relief!

True actual “restoration” or healing, is the only real answer that lasts. Either restoration by healing which is to supply the missing or lacking nutrients, or to get “relief” through a pharmaceutical are both choices with greatly differing after effects. The “difference” is by using the pharmaceutical you are going to only “control” or “manage the symptoms” yet the underlying problem still exists.  It can be very simple to take the pharmaceutical, it’s quick, easy, and doesn’t require a lot of learning and the symptom is usually quieted or masked (relieved). The problem is in using pharmaceuticals are that they are damaging to natural processes within our physiology and there is no actual restoration or rebuilding nor is there any positive effects within our body. So masking or hiding the real problem is truly the end result. No real healing, no rebuilding, no enhancement of any positive nature can be attained through any use of non natural or pharmaceutical use!

So long term it is self evident, with pharmaceuticals there is only negative, masking, and more damage at the cellular level. Pharmaceuticals are for “those who are never going to do something positive” like eat better, take supplements and try to maintain your body. But if you take the pharmaceutical route it may most certainly be a longer life only because it being suspended with adding many side effects and often very much lowered levels of physical performance. Simply put, a drug suspended life!

However if you take the route of healing, by eating better, taking supplements, adequate hydration, and developing healthy habits you will perform better, live longer, and live with more quality. You will not have to endure feelings of being ill, sick, pains, aches, etc, etc. your physical body will repair itself and you will truly be replacing old cells with new cells the way it should happen, naturally!

So by actual “definition” if we were to really consider meanings, it is obvious that to be “healed” is far better than to have a “cure”. Most individuals never “get it” that you get some “relief” with medications but the original or base problem is that our body is not actually restored. So when people take their medications, then the current irritating symptom is relieved they think and or actually tell themselves its fixed or I am better! Well at least for the moment this is somewhat true. Now you see when a pharmaceutical is used, it only “relieves,” desensitizes or covers, or masks that irritating symptom so they say,” oh, that’s much or all better!” The person is in many or most cases deceived.

There are two blatant glaring facts that must be considered! The first is that when we use a pharmaceutical drug these are not nutrient compounds that are restorative to the body. Understand these compounds did not make, develop, or build our bodies through a growth, restoration or replacement process.Pharmaceuticals are agents that only at bestrelieve”, cover, lower, mask, neutralize the current “ouch”, irritation, pain, ache, itch etc. However , in almost all case’s the underlying problem stemmed, originated, or began from a lack, loss, inadequate supply of, or missing nutrient in our diet or intake of food so our body could not adequately respond, rebuild, or restore itself!

In simple terms healing is a “process”, not an event. A cure is a sort of “event,” in that the relief of pain or current irritating symptom is almost usually immediate. People being mostly emotionally driven, they tend to “opt for“ the cure or immediate relief or the event of relief! Healing being a process, it is evident that it will take both, some time and some effort, to acquire and implement what is required to be “healed”.  So we realize that quick or immediate, and especially “easy”, like taking a pill or pharmaceutical is usually the most often preferred option.

This leaves the so called “door open” for returning problems! Note: Only “Healing” is true total restoration to the original!


I believe this should be “the major point” of client consideration…
This is “why we charge a little more” because what we teach and deliver

True Healing

true health through balanceTrue Healing without exception and without fail Healing, true in depth

It’s about people…..
Their Good, Their True Healing
Why more are not healed, why more Physicians can not heal – wrong approach in addressing the physical man first or the physical ONLY.

People are spirit, not a physical being or body alone-
Until spirit is addressed NO real HEALing can be even attempted- yes ATTEMPTED…..

The Spirit

Man is first and foremost a spirit!

Legally speaking –
the spirit is the animating force of life or lives
When all “electrical impulse” is ceased we are DEAD !
muscle contractions / heart beats / brain waves- etc.
This is Factual and Legal –
The Spirit is the “electrical charge” –
When the heart stops and brain cease the “spirit” is gone!
Simply – the electrical Flow or charge must be full or not impeded!
Bad or no flow= bad charge – DEAD battery = Dead body

Until –
After determining the problematic cause for Dis-ease
The cause Must be removed –
Problematic causes start in Spirit- thoughts, emotions, actions
Thoughts emotions actions = electric impulses = POS or NEG

NO Total healing or restoration is possible – because spirit is actually electric flow….
Mind thoughts = electric
No good in spirit = bad flow
No good flow = no good for function
Dis-Ease still at the cell or Flow level
Healing requires Positive or full flow. Or Simply…
HYPER-Prevention- hyper-prevention IS the Real and ONLY, HEALING or Total Cure

Too many people are not going to put out effort to know about their own maintenance, whether it is just physical, let alone spiritual! Life goes by rapidly, and much of the suffering could have been avoided! The quality of our lives is determined in the Spirit man! Most are not aware that “intent” is a huge factor in what we think, act, and do!

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Understanding Healing, and what Hippocrates was saying……..

Science, man, and most religions all agree with the following…..
Man, the Human being, is a three part being, a Spirit, a Mind, and a Body!

Hippocrates known as the father of modern medicine, said some very deep things concerning health! His following quote, “is critical to priority, diagnosis, origin, and treatment in healing!”

It is “more important” to know “what sort of man” has a disease than to know the sort of disease a person has!

I observed early on and took to serious consideration what Hippocrates said, ”It is moreimportant to know what sort of person has a disease,” than to know the sort of disease aperson has!”

This incite by Hippocrates, “what sort of man,” shows itself as “a critical factor to treat,” to know the sort, “sort means to know the arrangement!” The obvious point, “sort” being whatpart is at “dis-ease,” meaning state of “unrest or dis/ease!”

The Spirit man, the Mind or mental man, and the Body or physical man, these three parts must all be considered, without this critical consideration, healing, “which means to restore to the original” is predestined to fail, and any treatment less than treating the whole being, is futile!

This gives some clarity to “why” so many attempts, form so many varied approaches, have FAILED!
Clarity, reality, is the self-evident fact that, partial treatment, equals partial or incomplete healing!

So, the need to know “what sort of man,” requires knowledge of all three parts and their state of health! Knowing this allows for a faster, more accurate, more complete treatment and where the malady started!

All “parts” of the man Spirit, Mind, and Body, must be in a state of good health, to have good health, in the whole of the man!
With a state of good health in “every part” of the man, the “whole of the man” is IN GOOD HEALTH!

”When a person realizes that man, is a three part being, a Spirit, a Mind, and Body, then understands the inter-workings, only then can a true understanding of “what sort he is,” betruly understood!

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