HEALING, …..Medicine, or GOD……. choose


Medicine – Real? Not Real?

GOD – Real? Not Real?

Word of God Real? Or Not Real?

Let’s think?      (for those who can)

Remember people ARROGANCE is “contempt” prior to investigation!”

Evolution = creation “at SNAIL speed!”          …man’s attempt to explain a Creators work…?

Creation = evolution “at light speed!”

Remember scientists say there is “no mass” only “Energy!”

A man’s life force or “Spirit” is “the animating force,” or and “electrical charge,” or flow that contracts or animates his heart to beat, Fact!

So, man is an “electrical” chemical being! Spirit (electric/spirit), plus materials(nutrients) or matter!

God – “spoke” and there was light!”

Hmmm …. A Spirit “made“ light!

So, a man’s spirit is also called the “super natural” being!  A “being”, a “human being,” a “spirit,” and when a man dies his “spirit” or animating force “leaves,” and he is then “dead,” after the “spirit leaves!” (or no more animation)……. See Webster’s!

So, back to the “GOD” thing and creation!….. GODS book!

IS Gods Book Stories,…….. or Is IT FACT?     Try below

Dead Sea Bottom littered with chariot wheels….   –       google   this



Noah’s Ark National Park Turkey.   –      google  this




That Evolution is Mans “perception” of what’s happened, “Actual Proof” is more than “SKETCHY!”

There is “ACTUALLY MORE PHYSICAL PROOF” of “creation,” as shown here!

So,……The Modern Medical Model is “severely behind” in its methods!

Scripture is “THE ANSWER” to “Understanding Man,” in all of his three parts or “Spirit, Mind, and Body!”  (possibly the “manufactures” owner’s manual)


Even “mind-body” medicine severely lacks in that it mistakenly says the “mind” when in actuality misses the mark of not understanding the “Spirit” and how it truly “works!”

Healing is “without failure” if and when you know GODS WORD, as it is the Instruction Book!

If you truly desire “Healing” we treat the Whole Man, all three parts, “Spirit, Mind, Body!”

Hippocrates said;

It is “more important” to know “what sort of person has a disease” than to know what sort of disease a person has.

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