General Eating Guidelines / Concepts

GENERAL  Eating Guidelines / Concepts   from Bert Seelman’s Dietary Programs


Upon arising – 2 teaspoons to 1 tablespoon raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar in 2 – 3oz water.


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BREAKFAST     choose one selection from each column minimum
Proteins  (complete) + starch + vegetable /  + or – V8 (low sodium)
Eggs, fish, fowl, grass fed beef egg powder breads, grains, starches, low glycemic


2 – 2 ½ hrs                    Not vegetables, legumes, peas, rice, corn, potatoes, beets, high glycemic types




Protein (complete)




vegetables /  +  or – V8 (low sodium)

Eggs, fish, fowl, grass fed beef, egg powder low glycemic


2 – 2 ½hrs



LUNCH and DINNER – (SAME)                                                                                             low glycemic

Protein (complete)                                        +                      vegetables                   +                       oil

fish, fowl, grass fed beef                                                        (salad w/5 or more ingredients)                                               olive, safflower egg powder                               or raw or steamed


2 – 2 ½ hrs                                 one large salad per day either lunch or    dinner




Fruit  fresh/frozen                          +                     Protein (powder only, pure egg only )


2 – 2 ½ hrs







Eve snack =   a.m. (best) or p.m. snack    IF INSTRUCTED



Oils – cold or expeller pressed, safflower, olive, sesame. Never use Canola oil. Do not heat oils or cook with. Water should be purified, not distilled (no PH adjusted). 1 gallon per day minimum = 3 – 4 oz per half hour.

Protein sources should be complete sources only, and protein powders pure egg NOTE: It is better to consume “ADEQUATE”  amounts  of protein.

Minerals should be supplemented in adequate amounts, and actually more than the suggested daily minimums as SPECIFIED. (Minerals should be from a natural source as ancient sea bed types to help ensure balance)

Supplements are advised, at least a multi-mineral w/trace minerals and a natural source multi-vitamin as SPECIFIED.

If taking supplements, eat 1 – 2 bites Protein well chewed maximum, then immediately take supplements with as little water as possible and resume with food.    the book        Bert Seelman  520-327-2929

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