Foods, Diet, Nutrition, How Much Does It Matter?

FOODS, DIET, NUTRITION, How much does it really matter?

Whether a person is a “creationist or evolutionist” one of the most important factors to physical longevity, maintenance, and life is what goes into our physical body!

Dietary facts for everyone to know and consider…… IF you want to live better, in health, and longer, it must, has to start, with food!

All foods, either do something “to you,” or “something for you,” so choose! – quote Bert Seelman

Foods are actually “compounds,” made up of “chemicals” that digest or absorb better in very specific combinations!

If foods were to be consumed in specific combinations, orders, and frequency, the body would have to “work with less difficulty” at the cell level to restore or rebuild us!

All foods are materials or components that are our “make up,” so quality, should be essential!

All foods contain ( carbs, fats, proteins ) or calories or fuel and energy values! These contents have or contain various nutrients!

Foods because of their “make up,” have varying degrees of benefit or harm!

Foods are not all grown with the same content, (values inside them) even if the same name or type!

Time of day or waking hours is a factor on types of “best foods” for that part of your day, varied types, are a factor!

Your state of “condition, health, level of performance” all are factors for your portion sizes, and food types, and frequency of intake!

Frequency or timing of foods consumed, is a factor to the body’s ability to respond, to different stress types!

Amounts of foods consumed are a factor to body’s ability to respond to different stress types!

Quality or nutrient value of foods, is a variable factor according to the type of preparation style used!

Every day, most all people have the ability to a greater or lesser degree, to literally change their health, condition, and overall life by the foods they consume!

Because we are a “renewable resource,” being brand new down to every cell, every sixteen months, we can do many minor and major changes to our diet, to afford ourselves a new state of being should we decide, and take action to.

Lack of true understanding or as GODS WORD says it; “people perish for lack of knowledge!”

Limited thinking, without proper adequate investigation, is irresponsibility on the part of most individuals. Therefor we as individuals create our life physically through our actions and in-actions!

There is an extremely arrogant attitude today, in the area of individuals believing they can eat just about anything and be fine! Wrong, very wrong, because the effects are “accumulative” over time. The effects are not immediately received! However, the results are going to be noticed over a period of time, sometimes quickly, sometimes over extended years, but it will come!

The potential for a quality and an extended length of life is up to us, to each take a part in our own physical up keep!

We have a variety of programs, and most all involve foods, diet, and or nutrition to help a better, fuller, more healthful life!

Remember, we use “more facts,” therefore we can and do “test more,” so we “prove more” positive results than any other program, any where! Our clients get to have, better physical performance, from having a better quality of physical health!

Engineered, programs that are predictable, repeatable, and sustainable, for our clients guaranteed success!   – “provided adherence is utilized” the only variable is the client…

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