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Different Fats, carbohydrates and proteins are broken down and digested in different ways.

Because of the need for different enzymes and diges­tive fluids, certain foods should be consumed in combinations that assist each other rather than compete or conflict with each other. When foods that do not compliment each other are consumed at the same time, this can cause digestive problems, and the result may lead to little or no absorption and utilization of these foods and or their nutrients.

For example, eating grains, seeds and starches stimulates the body to release enzymes starting in the mouth and then the stomach to start the break down and digestive processes of these foods. These foods are a type of carbohy­drates. If complete proteins such as flesh foods (eggs, fish, meat and fowl) are con­sumed at the same time, their digestion and absorption will be hindered or stopped completely. This is one of the reasons so many people feel over-stuffed and start believing that their body does not break down or digest meats and other flesh foods. By combining flesh foods with starches, grains or seeds the proteins are putrefied and then excreted from the body only partially digested or not fully nor completely absorbed. Often times this causes problems with bloating and elimina­tion. Carbohydrate foods are energy foods and are a priority in the food utilization process. Vegetables are also carbohydrate foods that can be combined with meats, fish, fowl, and eggs, because of the type of carbohydrate they are. Proteins (complete) require different properties or enzymes to be broken down than carbohydrates. Because of the differ­ence in enzymes and in time needed for digestion of different foods, foods pass through the digestive tract at different rates. It is important that proper food combining take place so that as foods pass through the digestive tract the nutrients are absorbed in their appropriate areas. Efficient, and more complete processing of foods causes the body to work less and recover or restore itself faster!


Non-combining need not be the total rule, always. Non-combining is a highly effective tool to aid in our overall health through the course of our lives. It does not mean we cannot enjoy some of our favorite combinations, whether it be a meat sandwich, strawberry shortcake or other such dishes. Non-combining might best be looked upon as our general rule, most of the time, which it should be for best health, and combining foods might be our exception.

Our focus should be to develop habits or the general rules that are the most healthful, efficient, and effective for providing the optimum in health over the span of our lives.


Because of the common eating habits of most individuals, non-combining may seem at first boring, or even somewhat depriving. Families may find the transition from combining to non-combining, might well be done by chang­ing just one meal per day or every other day, in the beginning, and then every few days changing another meal over to the non-combining method. Total change of all meals at one time can be overwhelming to some individuals, however it is for the best advantages in optimal health to ensure a longer, healthier quality of life!


When a cleansing is involved to insure elimination of toxins and old intestinal matter, the cleans­ing might wait until the total transition has been made to non-combining before starting a cleansing process to ensure the best benefits are attained!

NOTE: Performance Fitness Systems,, has observed non-combining diets and combining diets. Our opinion and years of experience, has proven to us that weight loss, lean tissue gains and overall health have shown significantly faster, and greater results when non-combining diets are used.

THE BENEFITS of non-combining!

Through the proper combining of foods the body will work in a more efficient manner. Many of these benefits have a long term effect, such as improved overall health through:

  • More effective digestion (less work for the system)
  • less upset stomach
  • Increased absorption of nutrients
  • Improved elimination

Note: Think about the advantages to the less stress or work on the body over the periods of years, and what it could mean in terms of health and length of life!


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