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My “book, THE GREAT FITNESS FRAUD,” 300 million victims, and one program for your defense!  This is a detailed, comprehensive work, of simply stated facts, and applications that have delivered, measured, proven, unequaled results. Everything that is needed about, “how not to get misled or taken,” in the health, fitness, fat loss, and exercise field, including sports performance, is here! This book is a simple, common sense, logical, methodical, and yet factually backed work! The commonly used myths, lies, and misleading’s are dissected and left exposed with simple logical examples!

Realize, there is over three and a half decades, of proven positive, measured, tested results, behind this work! This book is an in depth program description, that has endorsements of Board Certified Physicians, Medical Litigators, Professional Athletes, and thousands of clients, with amazing success stories! There are examples of everything, from extreme fat loss, to healing of so-called terminal illness! One needs only to realize, that if actual facts are used, then the same end result will take place! This work gives you the facts and the applications for success!

My book is a work, inspired by my clients asking for a way to help others they knew! It came to me that everyone desired “to know” how to look better, feel better, and be healthy! Realizing how many approaches were wrong, misguiding, misleading, and actually all about a large financial gain only, I knew then, that a “guide” of some sort, was desperately needed.

People everywhere have been “taken” because most individuals make decisions about “getting in shape, or getting healthy,” by their emotions, and not their logic!

So, I decided to do something that would help their thinking, and their gaining of factual applications, to gain their desires, so I wrote the book! It is a simple, easy to read, straight to the point, with no wasted words approach! (Not an easy task when you are Dyslexic!)

I haven’t had time to even promote it, however everyone who has read it, has more than raved about it, especially when they have applied it as directed! I hope you’ll try it! Seriously, this book can and will improve every persons results, if applied, especially for trainers, coaches, and instructors. The information in this book has and will, deliver less wasted time, efforts, and money, while improving your results and health!

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