EXERCISE – to engage the attention and “effort of” : to use repeatedly “in order to strengthen or develop”

Exercise is not recreation for enjoyment, or for pleasure, Exercise is for causing a change!

Exercise = is the Triggering,the Stimulus, a Stressor to bring about a response!

Exercise only determines, defines, creates, the “Physical Performance Level” desired, exercise does not determine the health or responses! 

Exercise can ONLY increase strength, performance or increase muscle when there has already been adequate nutrition and adequate rest or time for processing the nutrition for response, Before or Prior to the exercise is performed!


I believe this should be “the major point” of client consideration…
This is “why we charge a little more” because what we teach and deliver

EXERCISE Is a “STRESS,” and not a benefit, learn why…

The following is just a small, yet “important” tip…. just one “in your face” self-evident piece of information, to help people to get the proper exercise most people deserve. Exercise is not well understood by most, including coaches, in that results are not near what they are desired to be. Because a lack of understanding of what is required, the order of requirements and the sequences of events “are not prioritized,” plus the applications are not effective or efficient! 

This is just a small bit of information from my book, and it has had good results for open-minded people.

One must stop and open their minds to a “different view” on occasion, to benefit in ways not previously received or understood!

Exercise is a derivative of the word exert. Exert means force or effort. There is a significant difference between exercise and recreation, and that significant difference is that exercise is used to “make a change” while recreation is to have fun or enjoyment.


The most significant problem and detriment to people’s health today is the fact we have been educated or conditioned to believe that exercise is a benefit. 

Most have been led to believe the more you exercise, the more benefit you will experience. 

Well, exercise can do the following:

* It can increase circulation.
* It can burn some blood sugar.
* It can also burn some excess calories of stored fat if continued long enough.

However, exercise is not a benefit, in and of itself. 

Exercise is a stimulus. It is a stress on the body, a stimulus or trigger to bring about a hopefully positive response from your body, usually for building strength and or stamina.

Exercise is not what makes the response of added strength, muscle, or stamina, and nutrition is the materials that make the physical make!

To gain optimum benefit from exercise or stimulus, it is most beneficial for a person to have proper and or adequate “nutritional intake” before exercise, allowing the body to have adequate “materials” to respond with! These considerations of nutritional intake should also have had adequate time, for the body to process them and make ready for a response!  

The most important thing a person can do is having their recovery ability or response mechanisms, ready to meet the challenge of added stress called exercise.

Did you ever notice when you were exercising, and you stopped exercise for a couple of days and then went back to the gym, you were stronger?

Arthur Jones, of Nautilus and Med-Ex equipment, wrote about and noticed that athletes who had brief, infrequent layoffs, returned stronger than those who pushed their limits more often. 

It should be noted that our record books are filled with great athletic comebacks. These are athletes who have set their records after having a significant setback or injury. They had more time off, to recover more fully, than those who did not break their training and frequency.

So, the better understanding or observation for improved success in gaining strength and physical performance is: EXERCISE, is stress or stimulus, to cause a triggering to create a change in physical status or performance!

Exercise because it is a tress, is most effective and efficient, being brief, and infrequent!

Nutritional considerations should be adequate, and be consumed “before the needs or requirements” for the desired responses from the body!

The realization is that “intake or nutrition” should be adequate “prior” to the needs for response and “adequate time allowed for intake to be processed and response readied.” So we eat today, for the desired exercise responses or benefits from tomorrow. Thus the adage; proper prior preparation prevents poor performance!

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