Is your exercise instructor a true professional?

Is your exercise instructor, a true professional?

What are you paying for? Ask these questions…..

 If they or you can’t answer these questions below, the answers and instructions are in my book, and some at my website. Imagine coaches, instructors and trainers can or could all “immediately get their client’s way more results” with this book. There are those who trust not just their body, but their children’s health, physical, and psychological health to people who cannot even start to answer these questions, and they are supposed to be in the “health field!”! What about you and your children’s future health? Remember, exercise is actually a stress to cause a hopefully positive response! What are you getting, physically, and intellectually?

GET ANSWERS, it’s your health!        -health answers-

What has been missing in exercise programs that stops results from happening?

Can results keep happening and what does it take?

How does one know when their work out was truly effective to create muscular change (I mean actual scientific proof, a way to measure)?

How does one know when they are ready to work out again without making it more stress to the body?  (check your instructor)

How does one know that their program is actually progressive?

How much water a day do I really require for health?

Are supplements necessary?

What is the most important nutrient to supplement?

What sequence of exercises is best for results overall?

How many exercises do I need to do each workout?

What is the importance of food combining?

How many times a day do I eat for the best results and health?

How do I avoid hunger without gaining fat?

What happens when I don’t eat on time?

Is using the scale everyday necessary?

What is the priority of food utilization and what does it matter to me?

How do I take my supplements to get the most out of them?

What types of body composition are the most accurate?

What types of proteins are best?

Can your instructor answer these basic yet critical questions?

IF YOUR COACH, TRAINER, INSTRUCTOR… cannot answer these questions, what are you paying for?

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