Exercise Made Effective



Common sense + logic “vs.” perception

Your exercise or workouts are only effectual if  it is physiologically correct

 1) The whole body is worked in one session.

The body is a complete whole unit, it needs to be worked, fed, repaired and exerted as a whole unit. There are not separate recovery units in it for just the legs or arms etc. as some trainers treat it. After all you can’t just feed one part or exercise one part without the rest affected.

2) Only one set per exercise is used.

To stimulate or trigger a muscle to change (get stronger) it must be worked (pushed) beyond its current state of ability or it will not change.

So one set to a point of stimulus or triggering. Any more is wasting recovery ability.

3) Cardio-vascular work should always be performed last

By working the resistance training prior to cardio-vascular work it allows the heart rate to work and burn down glucose levels so fat will be actually burned and it will remove oxidized materials and lactic acid produced from the earlier exercise.

4) Each exercise is pushed to a point of momentary muscular failure.

Momentary muscular failure is the most effective way to “gauge” if a muscle is being pushed to a point of stimulus for change. It’s when another full range repetition is unable to be completed.

5) Your exercises are performed with less time between each one.

By not allowing as much time between exercises this allows less time for the assisting muscles to recover and helps to give a greater overall stimulus. This also increases the metabolic conditioning. A more quality (intense) and effectual workout

6) Your returning (descending) heart rate is monitored.

When your heart rate is elevated during exercise and the exercise is halted, the faster the heart rate drops, shows the body’s ability to adjust, adapt or return to normal. This shows the overall “conditioning”. (Metabolic)

 7) Your resting heart is tracked to know when to exercise next.

The heart is the last muscle to recover in the body. The reason is that the heart must pump blood that contains oxygen, and nutrients to repair the body. So after an effectual workout the heart rate is elevated. Therefore it must return to the lowest number to show it has repaired the body and is ready for another workout.

 8)   Logging of repetitions and weight used in order to know when to increase.

Without a record of resistance and repetitions there is not a way to know that our workout is truly “progressive” and benefiting us. It’s the “gauge.”

9) Reduction in exercises and frequency is calculated.

As we advance or progress in strength (which requires lean muscle increase) our bodies ability to recover is under greater draw from our reserves. Also we “recruit” our assisting muscles to a greater degree (more muscle affected). So therefore we do not need to do as many exercises to effect as many muscles.

As we increase in lean it also requires our bodies to consume more materials (nutrition) to repair and build new lean muscle. The abilities of the organ systems to keep up are not in proportion so we need (require) more time between “simulative” sessions.

10) Regular accurate body composition tests are performed.

Without accurate (N. I R, or water weighing) body composition testing we cannot “know” that we have been having and accurate balance of nutrition, rest and exercise. This is our proof, positive.

This information is for the benefit of those unknowing souls who wish to receive actual measurable results. This is not a sales piece. Nor is this to reduce what some are already participating in, THIS is intended to educate for the betterment of all.


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