Exercise – Facts are required, for optimum results.

One set of an exercise is adequate, if the exercise is pushed to a point of stimulus for response or momentary muscular failure. More is actually unnecessary and only wastes recovery ability slowing progress! If more exercise is better or more sets then why don’t people just work out all day, every day? Exercise is actually a stress, or a stimulus to hopefully bring forth a positive response. Ego is a possibility here. (why waste your efforts)


The body is a complete unit, it needs to be rested as a whole unit, fed as a whole unit, and exercised as a whole unit. One cannot just feed the lower body one day and feed the upper body the next day! Nor can a person just sleep the lower body one day and the upper body the next. The body must have time to accumulate recovery materials (adequate nutrients) to have a positive benefit in the form of results. Exercise does not “make” the results, the materials or nutrients do. ( think about it )

Cardio exercise should be performed after resistance exercise. By doing cardio after resistance exercise the body receives the benefit of elevated heart rate during resistance training that lowers glucose levels. Due to these lowered glucose levels fat burning during cardio increases. The body also receives the benefit of removing oxidized materials from resistance exercise due to the cardio being performed after resistance exercise.

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