Myocarditis …..A Second Chance

Myocarditis ….. a hearts second chance

To whom this may concern.  My name is “A G “(name is private), this is how I came to meet Bert Seelman.

Since around 2005 I’ve had pains in my chest, like my heart was in a vice, is the best way to explain it, but it was rare, and I don’t like to let anyone know of any of my problems, so I just shrugged it off.

In the end of June 2009 me, and my girlfriend split up, I didn’t take it too well, I started drinking everyday, and smoking, my chest pains started happening almost every twenty minutes or even more often then that.  I went in to the hospital, and had a heart CT scan done, and it showed scaring on my lower heart, mostly on the lower right side! So the doctors did some blood work and diagnosed me as having Myocarditis! I wasn’t sure what they meant because all my blood work was good, except for after more testing  and scans they said, I also had rhuematoid arthritis which was added to the Myocarditis explanation they gave me for the heart scaring.

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I didn’t want to have any laser treatments to burn off the scare tissue, so I was taking a medication to try to restore the dead heart cells, and after going back 4 times, the medications weren’t working so I was put on a donor list, to receive a heart.  I was still drinking and smoking and not caring, and getting worse, and worse, so I went back in the beginning of October 09 for another heart scan, and it showed it was getting way too bad. They said that I was no longer a priority on the donor list, because I was told  if I got a new heart, the doctors were worried that my arthritis would send a signal and just start attacking my new heart and they really didn’t want to take the risk, or in my eyes waste a good heart! So I was still on the donor list, but not a priority. I was feeling terrible in October, I went back for another scan around October 15 09 and my out come was that the way things were going with the myocarditis and how bad the scaring was, I could have sudden cardiac failure, or maybe have 6 months to a year left, they weren’t sure, but it didn’t look good.

I went to see Bert on October 22 2009 on my 27th birthday the first time, I told him what was going on, so he gave me some info.  Bert was my last hope, I used some of the info he gave me and went with it, I wasn’t a believer, but after a few weeks, I started feeling better, so the week of thanksgiving, I called him with my diagnosis and by that Sunday, he had a vitamin, mineral and eating plan made up, specifically for my needs.

I started a program with Bert, started the cleansing process, and eating process, and I had began to feel a lot better, so after 3 months of being on the program, and doing exactly what I was told to do, and I was told to eat and jog and exercise, my resting heart rate went from a number of 98 to 93 beats per minute to 55 – 54 beats per minute. I was excited, I went back for another heart CT scan after only 3 months, and the doctors were surprised 80% of the heart scaring was gone! So I continued the program which is hard, its never hard to stop doing certain things, its hard to continue new ways.

After continuing Bert’s program, and after the first three months I was determined, so I continued another 4 months, still getting better, I went back to the cardiologists, they were surprised to see that all the dead scared cells on my heart were living and fully restored.

I’m no saint and I’m not perfect, I’m only human but I got better, given a second chance and  have detoured from the program a few times, and gotten back on track! I am staying healthy, being alive and living life is extremely precious, when it is almost taken from you and I’m still sticking to the program to this day, and I’m still in good health I just have to be reminded by my loved ones that I was given a second chance in life, and it doesn’t happen often, so live life, and which I’m trying to not for others but for myself and to the fullest because you don’t get third chances.

I thank Bert Seelman for showing me the way, and GOD, of course for allowing Bert to posses the ability to help myself and  others.



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