Doctors, Are They Helpful

DOCTORS, are they helpful

This article is factual; like it or not, it will reveal what is the REALITY of incompetence and misperception of what Doctors are NOT taught or qualified to do, in very self-evident and obvious terms!

The following article is intended to help get the GREATLY DECEIVED PUBLIC to understand and warn them that just because a person represents themselves to be a DOCTOR, does not mean they are either caring, qualified or able, to do what is actually healing to the body!

No, this is not a slam to all Doctors. It is a “reality check” for anyone who truly wants to be proactive in their health.

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Understand that “what most people” believe is a “perception” in most cases and not the “reality” of facts, or logic.

Doctors are schooled in CURES, which is in actual meaning “they use methods” that “only relieve the symptom,” and do not actually do any actual restoring to the body. HEALING actually means “to restore to the original.” (reread this if needed and ponder it)

Pharmaceuticals are chemicals that are actually more harmful and more damaging than benefit at the “IONIC” state or atomic level.(FACT)  Literally they are true sorcery! Pharmaceuticals are chemicals that force specific processes and do not actually regrow or restore tissues. Pharmaceuticals are agents that numb, fade, or cover other or certain happenings within the bodies systems. Actually they “numb out” certain pains and irritations!

I am not saying, that there are “no” caring Doctors, there are some, a few, “very, very, few” who actually do care. As far as most doctors go most would not stop to really deeply, or clearly “think!” You see they are actually never schooled in prevention and cannot guarantee how to prevent most anything. Doctors in reality are in the “disease management” business. So how can they understand enough to cure or actually heal?

Doctor –  means by “Webster”

1: one who “practices” medicine?

2: to alter or change to be deceptive

What do you think!!!

Doctors ……..What you need to know!!!  Ask your Doctor if he will GUARANTEE correct results in these areas???? Really, if the Doctor you choose cannot or will not answer the following, what is their problem, ask them? I dare anyone to do this, if you will not, you are a fool!

That Doctors do not know how to help you lose only FAT and not muscle. Think about how basic this should be! (Tested by accurate body comp.) Will they test to prove?


Will your Doctor guarantee you how to gain muscle, and predict closely how much every time you test? Does the doctor know how to be effective and efficient with exercise? (Tested by accurate body comp.)

Will your Doctor guarantee you how to lower your cholesterol without a pharmaceutical? This should be basics! Why when natural foods can do this or supplements?

Will your Doctor guarantee you how to lower your blood sugar with diet almost immediately without pharmaceuticals and teach you how to get off medications? Why not, after all he is telling you what a drug but does not know how with foods?

Will your Doctor use nutrition to improve your blood chemistry and teach you prevention of possible diseases? How come he can tell you what’s low, but not how to get it naturally with diet?

Many people go to the doctor and find they are anemic, but the doctor never checks how they are eating, or has them log it?

When a person is anemic the doctor gives a pharmacy labeled vitamin mineral supplement to help anemia, but does know about other nutrition, com’ on here who is stupid or lazy?

Now, if your Doctor cannot do these and guarantee the end results with improvements why would you go to him for a cure of anything? After all if the Doctor cannot help with these small things why would anyone be so DUMB and STUPID as to trust him with your the bigger things like your life?

Think people, if a Doctor does not know or cannot GUARANTEE how to prevent something, there is absolutely no way for them to truly understand how to heal or help anything!

If a Doctor cannot tell you how to best change your outside, why would you let them go on the inside????

NOTE: I do not hate Doctor’s, I hate the insanity of what they are taught, actually NOT TAUGHT, and the ARROGANCE of most of their attitudes!  

The world needs to WAKE UP, and to get back to common sense, and LOGIC!

 ©copyright Bert Seelman 2013

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