Critical Requirements for “Who,” We Really Are!

Critical requirements for “who,” we really are!

Critical elements of this “view” are three set “core facts” from what I have seen and experienced firsthand in thousands of case’s without exception for over 40 plus years.   -learn about life-

These set “three core facts” happen in an exact order are as follows:

  1. When the sperm enters the egg, a life begins at that exact moment! (Meaning the “Spirit” begins, gives life.)
  2. The fertilized egg (“Spirit”) starts the body living, forming, and growing. (Spirit definition equals animating )
  3. The brain “starts forming”(recording, memory) along this process as it is growing with the nervous system and the rest of the body!

The Spirit is the true being! The heart of hearts, the true will, the all knowing and conscious and subconscious!

The body is the temporary physical form or “vehicle” for the “Spirit” to take its journey in/with through life!

The mind is the “memory center” (electrical switch box, recordings – memories) of perceptions, realities, desires, the Liar, and the Justifier! The mind is the self of Ego, the decision maker between right, wrong, desires, wants, perceptions.

Note: there is an old saying that goes, “The mind is willing, but the body is weak!” However, after more than forty years I will give what I have seen to be the whole of the truth to that line of horse manure.

A person’s mind will justify everything and kill the body rather than just make it weak!      Bert Seelman

The healing or true restoration of the body must start with what started its life to begin with, the Spirit. This is “the animating force” so it must be addressed first. The Spirit is, if you will, the “electrical” force field’s power source. I will describe it as the energy associated with the body. There is a flow of this energy through the body and this flow must be somewhat even and constant in its dispersing throughout the organs, muscles, nerves, brain, etc. The Spirit is likened to the electricity for the house that must be dispersed in a constant flow to allow processes to take place.

I will often describe the body or physical as a “vehicle” or a “house” to give us examples of structures to more clearly relate the events at times. For the instance of vehicle, our body is the home, car or vehicle that our Spirit resides in. The body is the Spirit’s “vehicle” or outwardly shell, cover, or containment. You cannot see the Spirit, only that it is there and it “animates” or “moves” the outward shell or vehicle. (in likeness to a charge of electricity)

If our Spirit does not have its correct amount of “charge” we cannot give or send the animating or moving charge to the appropriate areas in the body in adequate amounts. IF, the Spirit is not in a “positive alignment” then full capacity or charge cannot be given to perform a specific action or actions. This would be seen or realized as a less than adequate response or result. “Positive alignment” being seen as good, enlightened, enlightenment, morally right, “possible” religious good, etc. Without the Spirit being “positively” in alignment the flow from the “greater source” for the Spirit cannot happen!!!

Things that keep the positive alignment from happening for the Spirit not to have flow are negatives such as immoral things, wrongful ideas, thoughts, wishes, intentions, and of course the one I have found to be most prevailing is hate, or bitterness, evil, and especially unforgiveness! Call it in general “unforgiveness!” Call it “ill intent” or bad or evil wishes toward or for another (anything negative)!

Unforgiveness is a negative charge or flow stoppage of all positive effects! Let me say here that of all determinate factors in cases of terminal or potentially terminal conditions that “un-forgiveness” is the most common denominator!

Note: point of interest…

I can say I have seen and treated conditions of the same physical problems (disease) with two individuals at the same time and at times differing. When I talked at length with them, I discovered one would not stop or relent on their intentions, and feelings of ill toward a given situation. Now understand the same conditions physically and the same treatments were used. The individual who would not “forgive” did not get well and in fact on occasions some died of the condition! I have seen and witnessed this too many times.

Energy and flow… how does it work?

People are as we have stated a three part being. Spirit, body and mind are the order. The Spirit life is given when the sperm enters the egg then the body starts forming. When the body forms, then the brain develops. When the body starts forming, adequate and quality materials or nutrients are needed for full potential to be realized by the individual being formed. Lack of any small portion of these “essential” nutrients means full potential and or performance of the individual being formed is “limited” to a degree!

The human being is a chemical, electrical being. We know the body requires (the Spirit, animating force or electricity,) electrolytes for the body to create heat, movement and brain function. We also know the body replaces every cell every sixteen to eighteen months. This means we are or at least can be a “new” person physically every sixteen to eighteen months. This gives us the potential to eliminate and or at least minimize many conditions by simply restoring the body’s requirements by feeding it what is required.


The body does this replacement through electrical “energy” at the ionic state. Individuals are always talking these days about “energy” levels, good energy, bad energy, and how that works. Yet few people, if any, can really explain how that really works at least in relationship to health and sickness.

Let us say that our body is a house with 5 rooms. Each room will require 20 volts of electrical charge. This means 100 volts are needed to supply the house for our electrical supply. So the requirements for each “room” or each “system” within the body there is this need or requirement for 20 volts to properly function. Those 20 volts per room or 100 volts for the house is balanced and healthful. If one room were to get only 5 volts it would not be able to light itself properly or if another room were to get 35 volts that room could have an excess, which could cause fire or other damage. So is our hanging on to bitterness, anger, etc. worth the end result, = dis-ease, un-rest at the cellular level? These could all be causing too much or too little flow. These flow or electrical impulses can be also called “vibrational frequencies” by some!

Remember, our Spirit should be aligned with the higher good (God) and that is positive. Our brain is the justifier, liar, perceiver, and can be “spoken to or influenced by” negative or evil. The body is the vehicle, or building, or our house. It requires certain nutrients to be maintained in good working order to last us while on this journey called life. Note: the nutrients are held together and work together by the “electrical force field” or Spirit flows or charges.

Our brain thinks or “directs” electrical energy to areas of our house. Our brain, (director,) sends these thoughts which are “electrical impulses,” (good or evil, positive or negative,) to areas of the body, (house,) in varying concentration. So if we are sad, that is a thought, an electrical impulse. If we are really mad that is a “strong negative impulse” directed to a room or our system or house.

We can have way “too much” energy, (vibrational frequencies, volts, etc.,) sent to one room while it “drains” (negative) the area of another room which “creates”, (causes) imbalance, unrest, or dis/ease in our body, all of which are directed by our intents, thoughts and emotions!

Emotions can be the cause of the amounts of current on a regulated basis by our intensity, through desires, thoughts, etc. A thought might be a short “impulse” whereas constant emotions of strong desire are having a constant steady impulse of positive or negative energy. This imbalance is because our mind is or can be selfishly in control or not spiritually aligned or directed.

The Spirit should guide – hopefully in positive thoughts and intent. The brain should follow or be also a positive intent. If all is positive the brain receives the right guided thoughts and directions so the body will get what it requires to keep our physical life lengthy with quality.

If we hang onto negative emotions and thoughts we are doing wrong in the Spirit therefore imbalance brings sickness or disease. We need to stay on the higher Spiritual platform of right and positive. When we have negative things such as un-forgiveness we are getting ourselves out of balance. The longer we hold onto negative, the longer the imbalance, the worse the unrest, the greater the disease, the more the problem worsens.

Selfishness… (Actually it is this simple.)

It all starts because, “we are not doing” what is spiritually right.

The “selfish” thought or bad thought, which  becomes a bad attitude, which becomes a bad action, which becomes a bad habit, which becomes a bad problem!   (simple enough)

The mind wants a “sensation” to make the body “feel good” now. The mind wants “what feels good, what is easy, and what is quick.” (Usually cheap, too.) Simply put the mind wants no extra effort or any effort at all in most cases. Just thinking about some things is too much for the brain as far as what most people think. The brain is usually like this because the negative or evil has been working on it full time against the Spirit of good – because good or right will require effort. The brain is “me now” oriented, lazy – it’s like my old saying of easy, sleezy, pleezy, meezy and right now!

Doing the right thing spiritually usually contains actual “efforts” of selflessness, giving, sharing, caring, and putting forth efforts to spread good intents and putting those intents into actions!

An old saying is, “Short term pleasure, will cause long term pain!” This says if we do put off right now what needs to be done, we will be forced later to deal with the responsibility. Just as the saying, “short term pain makes for long term pleasure,” means if we do something when it is early or now and don’t put it off we will not have to deal with it later. When this comes to our body, what we do to it or for it today, determines how well we will function tomorrow.

A person who professes to be “Spiritual” and does not consider their physical body is a hypocrite. The life force we have can only reside in our body while it is in proper balance. To truly value our Spiritual life can be seen by the way we treat the vehicle in which it is kept. We are a Spiritual being first, then a body forms, then the brain develops.

Sickness is sin or wrong to the body, just as sin or wrong is sickness to the soul.

As the scripture says, “as a man thinks so is he.” So if someone is sick chances are their thinking got off to the negative somewhere. To not forgive is to not receive forgiveness! It is a “flow” of energy. When someone hangs onto something (un-forgiveness, hate, bitterness, etc.,) the “flow” stops and they get stagnant or sick!

Dis/ease = unrest at the cellular level!


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