Consulting (for most everything)Speaking, Workshops, Instructional Materials

Consulting can be for as little as an initial consult for a better understanding of a minor problem or question! Consulting can also be in depth enough to properly consider, evaluate, advise, and project the needs in time, information transfer, and therapies to restore a condition! Consulting can range greatly, form simple subjects, to “will we” supply or “develop service programs,” or “specific videos” for facility specific needs, and much more? On most all accounts (name it) it is usually, YES!

Our Programs even deliver long distance, with “typical results” due to more facts, accurate applications, and support!

We consult “all areas of human physical performance,” from severe debilitation of stroke, up to and including most all health issues, advocacy with physicians, athletic performance from beginning athletes up to and including extremes for professional sports, also we do specialized design/build programs for sports or fitness needs, instructional programs for “coaching/teaching,” performance enhancement for athletes, service programs in health clubs, and more!

SIMPLY PUT, if it involves any form of increased response, we can and do “custom build” the programs!

POINT:  There is no difference in taking a beginning lower level athlete, to a higher level of performance than taking a sick person to a state of improved health, it is ALL about HUMAN PERFORMANCE!        Quote Bert Seelman

Consulting is also available on a limited or “constant availability,” like the ability to call “anytime” and Bert and our staff has such clients!
“SUPPORT is the major factor of our clients success!”


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