Constipation, the great “wait!”

CONSTIPATION – the great wait

Constipation is a serious problem that leads to very serious consequences and these consequences become compounded. There are many, many individuals suffering from this condition which is a “base cause“ for many other types of problems to exist.

It is not at all uncommon, to find women especially problematic in this area, due to emotion driven decisions for nutritional content of meals or food intake. I have found that it is very common to find that women will have as few bowel movements as, one movement every second or third day. In some cases it is one bowel movement every fourth to fifth day. Most individuals have or expect only one bowel movement a day. This is a seriously wrong perception!


If we observe a baby or a young puppy as examples, we find that every time they eat or consume something, there is a bowel movement. This is what is proper functioning for health. Simply put, when there is “some input, then some output.” Our stomach “if operating in good function” receives food it should digest, the food should be digested within twenty to thirty minutes and then the food should be moved to the small intestines, for additional processing.

The major problem today, is about several factors. The first most important factor is “what” are you eating and is it more chemical than natural, as well as what foods are you combining. Foods should be natural and not made up of so many additives, that the body is unable to garner some positive nutrients from what is taken in. So many foods are more chemical and or over processed, that there is little positive effects to be had. These types of food often require much more moisture or water to be processed, causing dehydration and slow the process of digestion and elimination! Constipation can be a symptom of bad combining!

Foods are made up of differing components, like fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Each type of food requires different types of digestive materials from the body to be digested or broken down to be utilized. Combinations of differing types of foods, can cause less effective digestion or more effective digestion. This can cause slower transit time for foods to move through the digestive system, these same combinations can cause digestive upsets as well.

The basics of improving digestion, effectiveness and better bowel function, are actually quite simple when an individual starts to understand what the basics are and starts to apply them. See our book, website, and or blogs for help in this area! Our programs are designed to incorporate all the factors for best food utilization, while allowing for maximum benefits from your foods or intake!


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