Circulatory Work For Health

 Circulatory work (cardio) in relationship to dietary and health programs

The Minimums


Circulatory (cardio) exercise, is “critical” for circulation of nutrients and oxygenation, which provides many critical benefits,“IF,” adequate, hydration, nutrients and adequate rest are utilized with it.

Circulation work provides increased blood flow throughout the body. The blood flow carries the nutrients for rebuilding or repair to the tissues and also removes oxidized materials and toxins. Oxygenation is essential to the whole body and circulation can or should be increased in all cases, and can be done through various types of circulation work. Circulation work also helps to evens out blood sugar levels, which is another added benefit, and is very beneficial for diabetics!

The addition of circulation work requires that adequate hydration or adequate water is present and the addition of a complete mineral complex be added to intake. without adequate minerals water cannot and will not, do what is required nor desired! Be sure that adequate amounts of water and a correct sourcing of water is consumed, sourcing being type of water, such as purified water only which is preferred, no PH altered, no distilled, no other process!

Circulatory work should be performed with an accurate heart rate monitor, such as those that have a chest strap by the company “POLAR.” This circulation work is best gauged by the use of the heart rate monitor and in total time of work performed.

The duration of this work can start with as little as 4-6 minutes and progress to 21 minutes or more depending on status of the client and in some cases possibly 2 times daily. (some conditions will need differing applications).

Circulation (cardio) work is best done in time periods divisible by 3, such as 9, 12, 15, etc!

There is always, a slight warm up, usually 3 minutes in duration, and once more than 12 minutes duration is reached, a 3 minute cool down or slowing of “effort and speed” (both) at the end of a session. This slowing down or cool down period is critical. A warm up at the beginning is not always needed unless there is a particular or specific reason.

A cool down or slowing period is necessary to allow the blood flow back to the heart to regulate or slow, without having a congestive amount of blood, stressing the valves, and the heart with added built up flow, causing added pressure.

A base heart rate for starting out “could be” 90 – 100 beats per minute (however everything is subjective ) or “BPM” after the first 2 -3 minutes and sustain this until the last three minutes when “either” the speed of exercise could be reduced by a solid 10% and or the resistance could be reduced by a solid 10% or “both.”(ideal) NOTE: These applications can vary according to specific requirements!

Circulatory (cardio) work is best done twice daily, especially “IF” there is a medical condition or for weight loss. This circulatory (cardio) work should be done within 30 -45 minutes of waking and about 8+ to 11 hours later. If two sessions per day are utilized, then the second session should be done at a low level of intensity by at least 30+ % less speed, AND 30+% less resistance. These lesser levels allow the body “to recover” from the stress’s already placed on the body. This actually helps to ensure faster results.

So, circulatory work should be increased to a higher heart rate every other day, the higher rate is determined by the needs or goals of the specific individual and the once on that set day, preferably performed in the A.M. The other sessions should be the lesser heart rate, with a cool down. Heart rates should be about 25 – 35 beats difference after one has been doing this work for about 2 – 3 weeks.

Circulatory (cardio) work is also accomplished through anti-gravitational work. Anti-gravitational work is as an example, jumping lightly on a small trampoline called by many a “re-bounder.” By low jumping in this manner the body works the heart and the lymph system, so this is an added benefit. This is a great start up exercise before regular circulatory exercise for 4 – 8 minutes before the exercise cycle or treadmill.

Results in healing time can and are drastically cut by more than as much as 300% or even more when circulatory work is utilized properly. This circulatory work is ”absolutely critical” to gain optimum results in the spreading of nutrients and added oxygenation!

NOTE: Often even with critical conditions circulatory work is often repeatedly not done as needed, this can and should result in termination of care by the professional trying to help! In Bert Seelman’s programs it will happen!


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