Certifications, and Logic, ….WHO’S STUPID ?

Certifications,  and Logic, ….WHO’S STUPID ?

Logic, about exercise, trainers, coaches, gym’s or health clubs and clients, and who’s stupid?

Ever ask why:
“why someone picked” a certain trainer, or
“why they picked” a certain diet, or asked some one
“why they picked” a certain health club or gym?
The answer is 90+%, I “liked” that one, “that’s why!” Yes an emotional answer to a fact needing situation! Yes, “emotional” rather than logical, or intellectual, or factual!

Venders of services, places of business, etc., “like” emotional shoppers, as they can DUPE THEM EASILY! Not any real deliverables just blue sky, and an idea that sounds good or makes you feel good! No real results, no tests, no real deliverables, but money was paid; yet no real measurable results to the positive are proven!

Facts are what have been missing for decades, along with actual testing for proof of measurable results! Certifications were designed to give a “so called, professionalism”. However all that was done, and money taken for “perceived standards” which did not actually give any “working knowledge” to those being certified!

The trainers and coaches were “taken in” lied too, misled, and no real transfer of increased ability ever took place! A rip-off, extortion actually, as the health clubs were “requiring these certifications” that actually did not protect or increase trainers safety, nor ability! So money was extracted, actually in a way extorted from many, for very sad, wrong reasons!

Trainers, coaches, health clubs or gyms, were all “taken, duped, played upon, and then preyed upon!”

When someone asks, are you certified, I always gladly return with, “No I’m verified!” I always send them to endorsements by other professionals in other fields, for the “what I can do, have done, and the extents of what was received, documented by them, my clients!”

I am about helping, teaching, equipping individuals with “working knowledge,” and intensive support, to give those clients, predictable, repeatable, and sustainable results, with the knowledge that lasts a lifetime!

Emotion has NO PLACE in your decision about a health program. “Only consider or accept logic, facts, and working knowledge that is measured, tested, and verified!”

Even in professional sports, with these professional teams and agents, there is way too much EGO, myths, absurdities, and “perceptions being utilized!”

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