Cancer Treatment It Is Insanity, Here’s Proof!!!

Cancer treatment, it is insanity…. here is proof!

An out of balance body gets cancer, because the body could not adequately respond to an internal stress! (a stress can be the treatment)

Now the cancer is more powerful, than the good cells and good processes.

The Doctors says you need surgery, yet the body could not respond adequately so it got the cancer.

So now the body which could not respond and got the cancer now has to respond to the stress of surgery, plus cancer!

Now the cancer gets worse or comes back, and the Doctor says we need chemo or poison!

Now the body that could not respond adequately and got cancer has added surgery, then added chemo, to try and respond to!

So the body that could not respond to anything was also not allowed to use vitamins and minerals that make the body grow and live, they even form you in the womb!

Why no vitamins and minerals, because they are proven to LESSEN the effects of poisonous chemotherapy!

So how or what can be so bad about vitamins and minerals? When even Doctors say they are more powerful than chemo and chemo is poison and the vitamins will weaken the chemo’s effectiveness?!

So maybe vitamins and minerals could and would have prevented cancer! (This is proven) Then when chemo fails to poison the cancer, the Doctor says Radiation, we will burn it out! But still no vitamins and minerals!

Ever notice, the radiation warning signs where the hospitals keep the radiation in the hospital the sign says, “STAY OUT” DANGEROUS! Now this is “supposed to help the person who just went through all these other treatments?”

So how much more stress, on the original body, that could not respond to the original cancer, is needed! So, too much stress, then cancer,

Then add the stress of surgery,

When that fails,

Then add chemo or poison, When that fails add Radiation,

Then when that fails you can keep on suffering and paying,

But don’t take vitamins and minerals because it LESSENS the effects of THEIR (the doctors) POISON and their INCOME!!

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But the Doctors say they CARE!!


So if you get cancer, you can get all the help you can afford, but don’t try to use vitamins and minerals to get healthy! The Doctors will tell you “that vitamins don’t do anything,” yea right; they already said they are more powerful than their poison chemo!

WHO’S STUPID…..? People line up every day and pay handsomely, to get treated like this, rather than learn how to get and stay healthy!

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