CANCER Donations – ……Stupidity, Insanity, Ignorance….?

CANCER Donations – ……Stupidity, Insanity, Ignorance….?


Think about this, really, open your mind, try, and yes-just TRY, to think about what’s written here!


Run for the “Cure,”, Walk for the “Cure,” why there is even ”GOLF for the Cure!” Please…I MEAN, REALLY?


This is way, way more than STUPIDITY! Read this all the way through and see for yourself!


People DONATE, PAY, GIVE, CONTRIBUTE and RAISE money, for the “supposed” cure or help with cancer! Stop, yes stop…remember the saying, “ the way to hell is paved with good intentions!” Contemplate this saying!


Imagine and follow this, money “given, donated,” to cancer research for the most part goes directly to the societies, programs, labs, that are owned or, are a part of, or are the same pharmaceutical companies that make the drugs, do the experiments, teach the medical societies, and hospitals that “treat”(what a sick word) cancer! Re-read this, please!


Cancer research and treatment has gone NO WHERE! Most treatments are far more for sustaining money or income, to be made by some medical related organization or individuals! After all, we supposedly put man on the moon, transplant organs, know D.N.A. and can’t cure or prevent cancer?


Notice and remember this point, you never ever hear “LET’S PREVENT CANCER!” But cancer is understood, they know the causes, they know how to prevent it! Yes that’s a fact, and the link later in this article will prove this, and the research was done by the very best minds in the field long ago!


Between diagnosis, evaluations, return visits, medications, and treatment the poor individual is provided with being scared to death, poked, prodded, tested, retested, told scary futures IF THEY DON’T DO THIS, or DO THAT! In my book, a form of intimidation, extortion, fear mongering, and heinous treatment!


Think, people give money to the big pharmaceutical companies to “PAY FOR THE RESEARCH,” for them to design, invent, produce a drug that the person who gave them the money to make, has to “PAY FOR” at an EXTREME PRICE!


Then there are the NON-thinking businesses, individuals, who SEEK ATTENTION, to be so-called “promoters” of such “supposed good events!” Com’on here, its insanity! Do something about “prevention” because cancer is “KNOWN” how it starts, why it spreads, and no one wants to hear, stop doing this, or stop doing that!

Read the article that is so simple, easy to understand what the greatest minds in cancer had to say – https://resultsareproof.com/cancer-the-priest-river-study/


SO WHEN a business or someone is “promoting a Run, Walk, Race, Golf, OR “whatever” for the Cure, remember they are about themselves, the attention, or they are gravely, non-thinkers, ignorant, or all of these!


Cancer can be cured, but it should be PREVENTED! Lets get people to open their minds, their eyes and PREVENT as much as worry about a cure! When any sane, serious, heart-felt person does some reasonable research, they will see that such great donations “ARE NOT” for what is PERCEIVED! Cancer treatments of mainstream are about MONEY!



Fear is the key that stops people from LOGICAL THINKING!

Fear creates EMOTIONAL HYSTERICAL REACTIONS, in place of logical, pragmatic thinking and reasoning!


Learn, educate, PREVENT! People are duped, tricked, deluded into believing that research is about beating cancer, stopping cancer, even preventing cancer! No it is not about that at all, it is about “treating cancer” and those treatments are about disease management, about money, about appearing “so caring,” I SAY CARING FOR WHAT!                         ©copyright Bert Seelman 2017



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