Cancer A Very Different View

CANCER, a very different view

A disease does not “catch us,” hunt us down, or stalk us, we through lack of self-­‐ care, fail to look into, or research how to take care of our physical bodies! We set ourselves up, so to speak, by “non action.” Quote: Bert Seelman         -causes are known-

First a person has…or has not,did or did not…. take adequate care of the physical requirements…. Not on a good, but on a bad diet for any of many reasons, but mostly convenience….
Add lots of chemicals to your foods, especially processed foods, Add various stress’s that effect your system
Add toxic exposures to intake, there are many out there…. Add another environment stressor, pick one or several, now Cells start to act out…     -cancer causes known-
Oxygen to cells is diminished greatly….
Body starts to get way out of balance, more and more Cells start to mutate or over-­‐develop….
The body now has way way too little positive nutrients to adequately respond
Now doctor finds cancer or whatever unrest or disease = dis/ease= unrest at cell level
He does NOT take a great and DEEP history to know exactly what or how it started actually
Simply a massive imbalance and lack of detoxing and needs not met or  gotten
So doctor says let’s poison it …. chemo….  IT DOESN’T WORK…. but some do it several times….
He says, NOW let’s burn it with radiation …. it doesn’t work…. but some will do this several times He says LET’S cut it out…. it’s you anyway…..not him,…. so NOW, add the stress of surgery
He is obviously drunk on his arrogance and lack of common sense, NO UNDERSTANDING OF???? The Doctor says, Stop your vitamins….. because they will effect chemo to not work so well Vitamins build you, give life, but he says stop. So who’s stupid?
They doctors don’t even know how to help especially at the restorative level, ???
Why not resupply basics, like correct foods, adequate water, herbs for detox, minerals for processes etc. etc. etc
Ever see anyone after chemo… how about two or three times of sessions???? How about surgery or radiation…several times or more????    -listen carefully-
Their bodies are even More Stressed after these…proof some one is a liar, non-­‐thinking!
The doctors don’t know nutrition…why not…”Money,” because Big Pharma taught the med school!!! The Doctors don’t know supplements or herbs…by choice
So…if these Doctors…. truly, really at the deepest levels care so much, why did they not go deeper?

Why if they are so smart,….. Why aren’t they PREVENTING…possibly the following, comfort, ease, lack of effort, convenience, cost, being lazy or a sloth, lack of passion to pursue more for the patient, WHICH IS EGO, because after all, NOW they are a “DOCTOR,”………. SOMETHINGS LACKING!

caduceus vector

LOGIC is what is missing here, and on everyone’s part! THINK, PRAY, LISTEN, BE OPEN,.

Note: This is a VIEW by me, Bert Seelman, this is not intended to offend, but possibly AWAKEN!

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