Broken Diets, Exercise, and Health Programs

Broken Diets, Exercise, and Health Programs – why so many?

Are there so many programs?

Are these programs so inconsistent in delivering consistent results?
Are they not using multiple types of tests to prove healthful results?

Fact: Most all programs lack essential components, proper sequence, and working knowledge.

If programs or professionals had working knowledge, there would be the ability to predict (forecast) and bring to tested proof the desired results. Actual engineered programs are the answer!

Because of most individuals overwhelming desire (emotion) to make or gain a particular result most individuals are “sold” by the emotional decision.

If a logical mindset were to be more utilized, then there would be less fraudulent, incompetent, incomplete programs.

Any program that delivers consistent results regardless of sex, age, and condition is and has to be utilizing more facts, with more working knowledge, provided the results are tested and proven in the following areas:
Balanced blood sugar level,
Improved blood chemistry,
Improved body composition (hydro static weighing or N.I. R. tested),
Lowered resting heart rate Faster descending heart rate,
and more!

If the above factors are not being tested and proven, what are you paying for? Your health is at risk.

It is especially important to know that just because a particular program appears to deliver fast, visible, external results does not mean that it is correct or healthful on an internal basis.

Everything we take into our body has a positive or negative result.

If you are involved in a program that cannot or does not use multiple tests to prove healthful results, it could be because, they do not care about your health, as much as their profits.

If you are involved in an exercise, diet, or health program and are actively doing you’re prescribed part and you are not measuring results, it should be obvious that the program is imbalanced and your body is unable to respond. It should be a simple deduction that it is causing more harm than good.

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