Rights and Standards For Clients Explained

Standards and ethics of real fitness, healthcare, coaching programs 

1) Nutrition 1st, Rest 2nd, and Exercise or Rehabilitation 3rd. This prioritized order of events shows that the person receiving care is going to have the required components, in the correct order, to progress or advance with a greater ability for progress to take place.

Nutrition must be the first and primary consideration for a true health care program.

Nutrients such as vitamins and minerals are what we are made of. These “materials of our intake” must be present in adequate amounts to repair and revitalize or restore our systems.  Exercise is actually a stressor, a stimulus, or a trigger.  It is used to hopefully bring about a positive response from the body by improving strength or performance levels. This improvement or positive advancement, REQUIRES adequate amounts of the materials to be accumulated, and then adequate time for processing to rebuild reserves to respond with restoration. Time and materials allow for our revitalization. Anything other than this order of event’s shows that there is a lack of consideration, as in obvious logic, proper sequence, and or professionalism with working knowledge. 

2) Problematic causes of malfunction or disease. It is imperative that the program or service being considered understands the basic causes and reasons why, how, and what is causing the problems with performance or health.

Problematic causes “must be removed prior to” any positive component being added.

Problematic cause means all types of toxic exposure, bad or wrongful intake of materials or foodstuffs.  Environmental factors must also be considered.  This can also apply to different forms of physical stress needing to be reduced.  Without this sequence, anything positive being added whether it is in a food or supplementation will be neutralized in its ability to positively affect the body. After these negatives have been stopped or neutralized than anything added can have a positive effect.  This is a simple self-evident truth and observation.  Yet this simple obvious self-evident sequence is usually never considered, allowing for many to wrongly believe they have done all things right! 

3) Imperial proof of all phases (actually tested, confirmed, proven). Whatever the service or program there must be “empirical proof of results in all processes and procedures.” “Facts being applied in a proper and consistent manner will always give the same end result.” Quote- Bert Seelman

Proof of each and every facet or component of treatments or programs is absolutely necessary.

There are many simple tests that can be performed to show improvements or negative effects. There should also be living proof in the form of testimonials, at the least. Without empirical proof of consistent effectiveness, an individual is basically being sold or given theory, and there is a huge chance of there not being a base of fact.  Demand proof, demand tests, and testimonials that can be checked.

4) Education. There should be instruction, with informative factual information with directions in all phases, so that there will be an understanding of “value” for what, why, and how so a “sustainability of the end or desired results.”

Understanding what, why, and how is being done, is a must.

If there are facts and working knowledge or at least there has to be a reasoning of formulation as to why each phase is being performed or enacted.  Ask the individual treating you or instructing you, as to what should be expected. If what was expected doesn’t happen, you need to know what could have gone wrong, what would be the next right way to go, which would or should leave you with a positive result.  Without this basic logic, again, you’re being sold. Factual based knowledge is absolute to help create a true lifestyle-based program! 

5) Evaluations. There should be multiple tests to show proof of actual effectiveness, as well as for motivation and correction. These tests should be performed in many areas and in varied ways. They ensure credibility.

Evaluation and testing are only “fair and reasonable.”

In many cases, we are talking about something that is not just your weight loss or fat loss or just an exercise program, but your health and actual life forces! There are many types of small test and indicators that can be utilized to actually prove and show you what is happening. Again, don’t be sold.

6) Causes and effects. If fact-based knowledge is utilized in the proper manner then forecasting or predictions prior to each phase of services or programs is possible.

If this predictability is not possible, then the trust and credibility factor is partially or totally diminished. Basically, get ready for the lies!

Facts applied consistently get the same results and proper application should show results in a measurable way.

If this simple type of thinking annoys or perturbs an individual, you are obviously dealing with someone who lacks facts and or confidence in the experiential knowledge area.

No one would want or should allow this individual to assist them.  You want someone who is confident and has both the knowledge, plus experience.

7) Referral of other services. Because no one service or program has everything. We need to ensure that the client receives as much success and benefit as possible. So there is or should be a group or list of complimentary services or professionals to refer to.

Referring to other professionals shows confidence and consideration that the best care for the individual being referred is a priority.

No one individual knows everything, about everything.  It is a great thing to know that some professionals actually consider the client or patients needs first.  None of us know everything, but there are those who believe they do. This type could be injurious to your performance, outcome and your health. Real professionals know what they don’t know. So, they refer; find out why they are sending you there and what you might expect.  Again, don’t be sold. QUESTIONING is your right!


The above considerations are just simple, logical, and minimal considerations. Unfortunately, most people are driven by emotions, which is the wrong process, it should be logic and self-evident truths or facts!

IF we have developed a problem with our current brain like sick, fat, out of shape, we definitely need to use a different brain or mindset to get well!

NOTE: I think, I feel, and I believe, are “perceptions and added to emotions” create some individuals reality! These perceptions with added emotions way too often cancel out the desperately needed truths, facts, and “real” reality!

IT’S WHAT DOES THE BODY REQUIRE! These actual requirements work because there is no emotion, nor perception! This has always allowed for fast, safe, proven, tested, consistent results for our clients!


Bert Seelman                                                                             ©COPYRIGHT 1990 BERT SEELMAN