Basic Health – Imagine, you in control

BASIC HEALTH…..IMAGINE, YOUR IN CONTROL!                                         

Health is impacted by many factors, some “thought to be okay,” while others are more “obviously wrong!”

The following is to possibly add improved awareness and better thoughts. This document might be a “call to action” about health and for increasing health through preventive measures to “avoid” problems that are not necessary! Read carefully and think over this information.

People are made up of chemicals actually called “NUTRIENTS,” also called proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, and water. Our physical bodies are “totally rebuilt” or replaced down to every cell every 16 months.

Imagine the “possibilities” this gives everyone ability to be “rebuilt,” or “replaced at the cell level,” and or “restored” all this by just changing how and what we eat?

The conditions below are in most all cases DIRECTLY RELATED or CAUSED by diet or what you eat and how you combine foods! If you are experiencing any of the following you have the ability to radically change these and improve your health before conditions multiply and or magnify! However it will take thought and positive efforts!

Are you experiencing…….

LOW ENERGY– i.e. waking with low energy                      LACKING FOCUS– i.e. wandering thoughts,                                                                                                                   blurred vision

LOSING SLEEP– i.e. tossing, mind running              DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS– i.e. gas, rumbling,                                                                                                                             bloating

HEADACHES– i.e. often, moderate to severe          ACHES and PAINS– i.e. joints, back, hips,                                                                                                                         and muscles

CONSTIPATION-i.e. Constipation is a serious problem usually stemming from several factors.                                      such as,

Lack of adequate hydration (water,H2O).

Lack of adequate dietary fiber, on a regular schedule.

Lack of adequate amounts of select minerals, and vitamins.

Condition severity:

Light: individual has one to two bowel movements per day

Moderate: individual has only one bowel movement every day

Bad : individual has one bowel movement every other day

Severe: individual has one bowel movement every third day

Dangerous (very): individual has one bowel movement every forth to fifth day                                                                              


Imagine that if a person eats three meals a day and has only “one” bowel movement a day, after two weeks, that  is 42 meals minus 14 bowel movements, or 28 bowel movements worth of food fermenting and rotting in their colon! (in just 2 weeks) Ever wonder why diseases start or why we get sick, let alone considering the lack in the quality food we put into our bodies?

After 40+ years of working in the preventative health field, I have found that the above conditions are “advanced road signs” or “warnings” that the balance of health or physical performance if off!

People need to realize that sickness, is first “dis-ease” or “DIS / EASE” which is “unrest” (dis-ease) at the “cell level.” This recognition should “warn” people that they are not receiving adequate or proper nutrition. If these signs were listened to, advanced and immediate changes could prevent most major health problems.                                                                                      ©copyright Bert Seelman 2013

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