Basic Base

Basic base –

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This information is proprietary and ONLY for the intended person. NOT FOR REPRODUCTION WITHOUT PERMISSION!

This is the minimum to even start on a road to health! (if realized results are the goal)

Remove the problematic causes to start otherwise you are only neutralizing all positive efforts. Remember that all foods (intake) do either something for us or they do something to us!

REMOVE…… (negatives) the NO’s…..
NO to Coffee, teas,
NO to All soda and carbonated drinks NO USING a MICRO-WAVE
NO to ALL Dairy, any and all (even yogurt)
NO to Alcohol NO to Nicotine NO Canola oil
NO to All Processed Meats…i.e. lunch types, ham etc. (“allowed” fish from cans in water only)
NO to All Heated oils, anything fried.
NO to All juices – except – vegetable juice (no straight carrot or beet juice) V8 and tomato if desired.
NO artificial sweeteners, of any kind in anyway, – no stevia, no agave, etc.
NO grain milks i.e. soy, rice etc. (unless directed)

THE DO’S… (Positives) Note: only doing positives without removing negatives can significantly reduce results!

DRINK 4 QUARTS OF WATER per day minimum………if desired – Add 1 teaspoon Swedish Bitters by Natures Works to each quart (1st – 2 weeks only, – then ½ TBLSPN in last quart of day only) Drink 1 quart about every 4 hours.

WATER can be from a Brita or Zero filtered pitchers and is much less expensive than purchasing water continually.

Drink 2 teaspoons – 1-tablespoon BRAGG’s vinegar in 2 – 3 oz. water, first thing in the A.M. (do not refrigerate)

SUGGESTED: Take – Natures Life Mega Mineral tablets at breakfast, lunch, dinner and Natures Life Green Pro 96 multi-vitamin at breakfast and dinner only.

IMPORTANT: Eat 2 bites of protein from meal first, then take vitamin and mineral with as little water as possible, then eat the rest of food. Take 1 packet EmergenC in 16 oz. water pre-bed. (Check with person implementing or instructing this program before using any other supplements as results can vary greatly)

Icelandic Kelp by Natures Life – get specifics for your needs, this can assist in metabolism if utilized properly!

Get 15 minutes of light but steady cardio exercise daily in A.M., either bike or tread mill for circulatory work so nutrients and important oxygen can get to the tissues for overall health. This should be done with the first 12 minutes moderated and steady then 3 minutes of cooling down.


Note: a small trampoline called a “rebounder” would be ideal, done in stocking feet. Start at 4 minutes ONLY, then work up one minute every other day, so as not to be too sore and this will avoid that crippled feeling! (Do rebounder prior to cardio) 8 -12 minutes of rebounder is ideal minimum.

NOTE: use ONLY the exact items and brands recommended, as results are dependent upon these known items! These items have proven positive in all cases of our clients use1

NOTE: THE ABOVE IS NOT INTENDED TO BE PRESCRIPTIVE, AND HAS NOT BEEN APPROVED BY THE F.D.A……….. However it has been “highly beneficial” to those who have practiced it!

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