Banks testimonial – health clubs, trainers and programs

“The most important aspect of your work is the knowledge you gave me. Knowledge is power and the ability to change. My body learned a better way to be. To leave that learning is to move toward disease. Your program is not for everyone. It is only for those who take seriously their commitment to their own health and well-being. Otherwise, let them go to one of the many “feel good” operators in “looking-good” health clubs who will all-too-willingly share their incomplete and often ill-informed version of the truth about what it means to be “in-condition.” They often do more harm than good. There is only one Performance Fitness Systems, Inc. It speaks to wellness. It speaks to balance. It speaks to hard-earned fitness.” — Teresa Banks, co-founder and co-owner of Team Banks video producers of the 1998 Discovery Channel Eco-Challenge.