Audio – Time As A Factor


Time, can literally be bought! Time is a factor in almost everything we do! It takes time to do most things, which makes it a factor of consideration! Time, how we spend it,” as in doing things that get us satisfaction or annoyance! When it comes to our health, the length of life, physical wellness, feeling good or bad, is where time becomes all too important!

Bert Seelman explains how he found that time plays a “major part” in our ride through life, in so many different ways! As an example, the body becoming brand new or exchanging every cell, every cell every 15-18 months, here time is the months to regenerate! This means that we have the ability to “direct the quality of maintenance” or physical performance by “what we feed the body” to replace these cells with! We have the choice of type, quality, quantity and frequency in what our intake is! Learn here in this audio “how many things that we can have in our control,” that are hardly if ever even considered in the respect to time! We can have way better health and physical performance, when we understand time! So every minute, every hour, every day can be influenced by our choices over, time!

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