Audio – Drugs, Good or Bad

Drugs, good or bad? Drugs can and in most cases are to the unlearned, a miracle, and an awesome fix, a “make me feel good now!” Drugs are thought to be fairly well understood by most, however this teaching will immediately lend to the deepening, of what truly is happening and how drugs are a negative, a major health detractor, actually endangering beyond belief! This audio looks at the “what, how, and why,” so that a person can make better, more well informed decision for their long term health!

Most individuals do not understand the long term implications of pharmaceuticals, their damaging long term effects, and that they actually do more damage than any perceived good! Bert Seelman’s simple yet profound explaining of associated effects is an eye opener! Bert has been working with individuals for over 43 years to reduce medications, and teach people how to get their desired results, from natural long term answers and healthful items! Learn a lot in this short to the point sound bite!

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