Athletic Coaching, the Bottom Line

Athletic coaching, the bottom line…….   Or, teaching youth to be losers!

SO our children, youth or whatever you call them, are hopefully in schools for the most part!

These youth often desire to be in an athletic event or sport. So they go and try out for the sport under a coach who most parents and other teachers ”feel” is qualified, when the truth is really, feelings, which are an emotion and NOT A FACT!

So these kids or youth get conditioned by this so called coach! Now the facts are these, and if you don’t LIKE what you are about to read, it is because IT IS A FACT, and the TRUTH!  (if you find fault, it is usually because truth can be painful)

Teachers and the vast majority of coaches have never been taught any actual physiology or nutrition to be qualified to condition or strength train anyone! So most training is done by ego, thoughts, ideas, and what is ….perceived as good, but not so!

So let’s take a picture so to speak for a self-evident truthful look!

Let’s say there are a thousand schools in a state with teams. Each team has at least one coach. These SO CALLED coaches or teachers are training, conditioning these children who are in their formative years! So a thousand schools teams and how many of these teams are consistently winning? Why not? I will tell you why not, it is not because the kids do not want to win! These teams are not doing well because these coaches are only taught to know the rules, NOT PHYSIOLOGY. These coaches are only NOT QUALIFIED or taught proper conditioning, so these youngsters are being mistreated, stressed, and way, way,  beyond most peoples understanding. (you should see it through my eyes)

These kids are first needing adequate nutrients at the minimum to GROW, or have proper physical growth, their brains are being stressed, plus their bodies require proper and adequate nutrition to form properly. Now add these coaches that have their own coaching records as their priority and you have a total disaster happening right in front of you. The kids get pushed way too much and usually way too often, so their bodies cannot recover, so injuries, as well as burn out happens!  When was the last time you had a coach ask, require or send home requirements for the child’s diet? When?

IF ….IF…..these coaches knew the REAL FACTS, their records would show more very competitive results and I know this because it happens regularly when the facts are used! (again, this is reality)

SO POINT IN CASE, these youth are literally, being taught, how to be ….losers!
(these children for the most part do not eat even minimums of nutrients for proper formation of their physiological requirements of growth, think about this)

This not making the grade or more winning results, needs to be stopped, and looked at! Especially when you see these coaches push these children harder, when they don’t do well in a game!  Maybe these youth need more recovery and nutrition to run on and recover better! WINNING can be a regular thing, and at the least these youth will literally FEEL BETTER, and be able to perform better!

PARENTS BEWARE, CHECK, do minimums for them like multi-vitamins, minerals, protein, and at the least these youth will literally FEEL BETTER, and be able to perform better!

PARENTS BEWARE, check out your instructors, get their qualifications, and see if they DESERVE to coach your children!

NOTE: children and youth SHOULD NOT HAVE “GROWING PAINS”, that symptom is from lack of MINERALS in adequate amounts, and there are many more of these signs something is wrong! GET THE FACTS, your children are in their FORMATIVE YEARS! THESE ARE SERIOUS CONSIDERATIONS!

SO beware! Be thoughtful, caring, involved, research, ask, learn, this is their future!

©copyright bert seelman 2014

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