Addiction – Reality In Treatment!

ADDICTION – reality in treatment!


Points for consideration                                                          ©copyright 2011 Bert Seelman


Why is there so much failure in current styles of treatment?

Too much focus on counseling before, actual focus cannot be given by the patient!

The problem: wrong or improper prioritization

Chemical or nutrient Imbalances not addressed correctly, or in the proper sequence!

Substance abuse – think what this is saying?

Too much of something, while causing too little, of something else.

This started with use of some substance / chemical / food etc.

Fact: chemical / nutrient imbalances are present


Cravings – because of the imbalances, these cravings worsen, causing the irritations and habits continue (especially depression). Cravings cause agitation or actual physical feelings. Agitation (physical feelings) become more intense, as the nutrient balance becomes worse. Again causing more and more intense irritational feelings!

The Mind then fighting the “agitation” tends to “not be able to HEAR” the consulting.

Because of these intensified feelings, the ability to concentrate is minimized at best!

“Improving the chemical / nutrient balance” would then, obviously slow, stop or greatly lessen agitation! If there was a better balance the mental focus being shifted toward the agitation or imbalance i.e., feelings could then be lessened or stop giving more ability to focus toward needed counseling!


These physical feelings from imbalance are real, powerful and need to be addressed. Now counseling would be “heard” or at least have a chance at better reception and or effect!

 POINT: If nutrient balance was implemented first, at the start, then the ALL IMPORTANT FOCUS could greatly improve, thereby greatly reducing stress and strain on the individual, increasing their possible progress to a much greater degree.

POINT: The original problem is usually a “wounded Spirit.” Then the individual seeks to avoid the inner hurtful feelings by COVERING IT, or by utilizing another feeling or distraction!

Whatever is utilized (chemical / food / action /etc) to cover the hurtful feeling, usually means more of that particular problem bothering in their spirit, is being allowed or increased, and causes the person to USE MORE SUBSTANCE, magnifying the depleting of something else.

So, this problem that starts in the Spirit, or the perception of the mind, and ends up putting the physical out of balance. Once the physical feels bad, the individual wants to LESSEN that feeling too, now being two fold! So the action to lessen the feelings tries to control it!

So the vicious cycle starts in the Spirit or mind, and the treatment should could or in some cases, must start with the physical (end stage / imbalance) to get the starting stage to receive its help more effectively.

Simply put, the physical must be brought back to some closeness of balance “before any minimally effective resolve can possibly happen!” Or when the body stops screaming on the inside, the spirit and mind can start to hear better, for counseling to have any effect!


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