Added Calorie Nutritional Plan

ADDED CALORIE NUTRITIONAL PLAN,           Bert Seelman’s Dietary Plans

©copyright Bert Seelman 1990

A “POSITIVE CALORIE BALANCE” must be utilized TO GAIN muscle during training for increased performance!

NOTE: The following is a “suggested” way to increase caloric content. When caloric content is increased it is important to do the following – then after this adjust to requirements!

LOW ACTIVITY (somewhat) – ADD  300  – 400 calories per day,                                               1/3  calories protein, 1/3  calories fat,  1/3  calories carbohydrate

ACTIVEADD  300 – 400 calories per day,                                                                                        1/2 calories protein, 1/4 calories fat,  1/4  calories carbohydrate

VERY ACTIVE  ADD  300 – 400  calories per day,                                                                          2/3 protein,  1/3 calories fat                                        NOTE: all “PROTEINS” mean “complete types “

EXTREMELY ACTIVE –  ADD  400 – 500  calories per day,                                                           300  protein, 100  fat, 100  carbohydrate or 200  calories fat

BREAKFAST as directed, with increased portions

1 st SNACK normal,    protein /veg   NOTE: this can be done as an “egg salad” or “tuna salad”                  w/ safflower oil mayo, this may be a way to increase caloric needs

2 nd SNACK    possible starch snack….i.e.  beans w/ wheat or corn tortilla ( beans w/added avocado or oil ) this plan will also require specifics as to ”what starches or foods” are to be used!

LUNCH as directed, with increased portions

P.M. SNACK   as directed, with increased portions

ANY ADDITIONAL SNACK, should be as a  2 nd SNACK in the A.M. pre LUNCH

DINNER as directed, with increased portions

EVENING SNACK, should be as directed according to program specifics per individual! (depending on needs)

NOTE: some special programs will REQUIRE a “night time feeding” which MUST BE DONE! This snack could be protein, and vegetable juice carbohydrate. (low sodium) When additional calories are needed so are additional minerals, and water!


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